Federal law prohibits all recreational and medical marijuana users from owning firearms or ammunition.

Medical Marijuana Patients Forced To Give Up Guns

A rare poorly understood illness among cannabis users in legal states is generating controversy. But Is CHS caused by cannabis or chemical pesticides?

woman throwing up marijuana leaves from CHS

The creators of the wildly successful Pokemon Go game are creating an augmented reality of wizards and magic set to be released next year.

Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go

Former Republican Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is just the latest political figure to call Attorney General Jeff Sessions out on his war on marijuana.

General Alberto Gonzales calls out jeff sessions for marijuana stance

This will be the first time that a major political debate is hosted by a marijuana advocacy group. It’s a responsibility the group has taken seriously.

political debate about weed

A researcher at the University of Oxford confirmed what the average American worker has known for years; a 9 am start time is absolute agony.

starting work before 10 am

Mexican Authorities and the CIA confiscated a van with massive amounts of ammunition, marijuana, and a bazooka used to fire pounds of pot across the border.

Mexican Cartels Weed Bazooka

New data from a UK regulatory body shows that there are currently 250,000 users of cannabis oil in the UK, twice the amount as last year.

a user of cannabis oil in the UK

The government of Malta this week proposed allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana, but activists say the measure is too restrictive.

People clapping in Malta

A new study out of the New York University School of Medicine reveals that now, more than ever, Baby Boomers are less intimidated by marijuana.

Older man blowing out smoke

Having acquired over 100,000 more signatures than necessary the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol have put weed on the ballot for 2018.

Hash Bash protests for marijuana legalization

Dronabinol, developed by a pharmaceutical company has been granted Schedule II classification. The cannabis plant, on the other hand, remains Schedule I.

Kieth Kruskall with the Drug Enforcement Administration, holds up a package of synthetic marijuana

The government’s refusal to reschedule marijuana’s will have devastating human consequences for some of Puerto Rico’s medical marijuana patients.

Like its alcohol, customers only have to be 18 years old to purchase marijuana. Canada’s little taste of Europe has always had a more laid-back way of life.

man waits for his plate of poutine

Chris Christie doesn’t seem concerned with little things like facts. But in reality, opioid use has gone down by as much as 25% in medical marijuana states.

Chris Christie talking at a podium

Some churches don’t maintain the pretense of being a religious organization past their storefront, and use it to skirt the $200,000 dispensary start-up fee.

Priest from the Catholic Churches holds a joint full of marijuana

Though marijuana still remains illegal in the UK, the usage of CBD oil has skyrocketed to over 250,000 people using it to find relief.

Women vapes a CBD oil made from hemp

As legal weed aims to disrupt Big Pharma, the threat of a new monopoly looms overhead. But there are even more insidious threats to the cannabis industry.

An employee checks nearly matured medical marijuana plants in a climate controlled growing room

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