Collected footage from multiple body cameras shows an LAPD officer planting cocaine on a 52-year-old black man named Roland Shields.

Chief Constable Mike Barton of the Durham police force believes that the war on drugs is hurting addicts and innocents.

Woman puts incense in front of UK police face

The University of Denver is now offering a full economics course on “The Business of Marijuana”, where students will learn to legally deal weed.

A couple is suing the local cops and Nationwide Insurance after they were arrested when an insurance agent mistook their hibiscus plants for cannabis.

cute old woman getting mugshot taken

Time for cannabis craftsmen to trade shovels for pencils. These positions also offer six-figure salaries, usually around the $200,000 per year mark, or higher.

An employee displays a tray of medical marijuana plant cuttings drying

Pharmaceutical companies aren’t the only ones getting rich off the opioid crisis.

Woman overdosed on heroin being carried away on a stretcher

Canadian politicians at the federal and provincial level are going to war over marijuana tax dollars, instead of tightening their shaky plan to legalize.

government marijuana laws canadian politicians weed money

Unsatisfied with most anxiety treatments, one Hawaiian physician is suggesting a particularly new wavey strategy: sensory deprivation tanks.

TRANQUILITYFLOAT-January 28, 2003-Serge Therrien, relaxes in a sensory deprivation tank

Senator Booker introduced one of the most far-reaching marijuana bills ever; one that would withhold federal funding from states that keep weed illegal.

Senator Cory Booker to Legalize Marijuana Nationally By Punishing Prohibition States

Montel Williams has mounted a lawsuit against several “scam” medical marijuana companies he says used his likeness to trick sick people.

Montel Williams Speaks At a News Conference In Support Of Making Maryland The 16th State To Legalize Medical Marijuana

New York, a state that has had particularly restrictive medical marijuana laws, has now joined 27 other states that legally acknowledge weed treats PTSD.

Veteran lights up a cigar at Veteran Day Parade NYC

It looks like the caricature of the cannabis enthusiast as a college burnout that cuts classes to smoke weed might have just been proved wrong.

Two college students studying while smoking and studying

Stigma is the only reason that cannabis hasn’t been added to the roster of drugs overdose prevention facilities recommend to treat opioid addiction.

Man looking depressed in Heroin treatment

Despite the fact that the FDA recently cracked down on CBD companies, the DEA is developing its own relaxed attitude on cannabidiol.

Hand holding a bottle of medical cannabis oil

Nestor Vinelli started taking pain medication when he was still on active duty. Since then Vinelli has lost his house, family, and nearly his life.

a Vietnam veteran, pauses downtown in the struggling city of Williamsport

While the focus has been on opioids, anti-anxiety medications known as benzodiazepines have seen a staggering rise in both prescription rates and overdoses.

Woman with anxiety medication in hands

Democrat Phil Murphy aims to pass a recreational cannabis legalization bill within his first 100 days.

Democratic candidate Phil Murphy

You would probably never think of Texas and legal weed in the same sentence, but with new legislation that’s about to change. Well, kind of.

Willie Nelson At Home In Texas

Dr. John N. Kapoor has been officially charged with bribing doctors to prescribe deadly opioids.

Dr. Sandeep Kapoor listens during arraignment in connection with supplying perscription drugs to An

Some locals believe that Las Vegas is forcing casinos to take such a hard stand on cannabis because it doesn’t produce a “gamblers high”.

man smoking joint infant of Nevada casino

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