An important decision by a state appeals court yesterday has mandated that New Jersey reconsider the legal status of cannabis.

New Jersey Forced to review schedule 1 of marijuana

Thanks to climate change, by 2050 wildfires will be at least twice as destructive. As Red Zones spread, marijuana growers are increasingly at risk.

Firefighters and flames, Big Sur, California

Perhaps this historic shift in Republican opinion signals that it’s finally time to band together to reclassify and legalize cannabis.

For The First Time Ever, The Majority of Republicans Support Weed Legalization

The San Diego District Attorney ordered the arrest of lawyer Jessica McElfresh for her work with Med-West, a distributor of cannabis-infused products.

How do you change a Republican’s mind on weed legalization? You start by slipping them campaign dollars.

Republicans are suddenly changing their mind on weed legalization as industry donations soar

As of January 1st, 2018, Athletes will finally be able to use CBD to relieve pain and anxiety without the fear of losing their medals or their sponsors.

Michael Phelps reacting after winning the men's 100m butterfly swimming final

Legalization opponents are warning citizens of the dangers of THC-infused candies this Halloween, despite not being able to cite any supporting evidence.

Better roll a fat joint and smoke up; the future of your love life is in your hands.

woman on bed showing her naked shou

Police Dogs are being re-trained to keep up with cannabis legalization.

New Colorado Police Dogs Being Trained to Ignore Pot

New research shows that Salvia shows promise for the treatment for Alzheimer’s.

Elderly People Salvia Alzheimers

Tom Marino was a likely candidate for Drug Czar until it was revealed that his bill prevented the DEA from fighting opioid addiction after Big Pharma donations.

Rep. Tom Marino stands in front of an american flag, recently he just withdrew after a damning opioid report

I’m starting to feel like Edward Scissorhands missed out on his true calling.

Senior Japanese man pruning bonsai tree

At what point does simple sloppy reporting become outright reefer madness propaganda? Newsweek seems determined to find exactly where that line lies.

enior man getting fed by carer in care home

He believed that drug-sniffing bunnies were a real and cost-effective method of law enforcement.

Drug-Sniffing Bunnies in a Police Uniform

Should a past pot conviction prevent you from gainful employment?

Gorilla Glue isn’t the first strain to be sued for its name. But it’s one of the first strain to lose.

judge lawsuit gg strains gorilla glue legal marijuana

Watch out Big Pharma, Attorney General Mike Moore is coming for you.

After Historic Win Against Big Tobacco, Mike Moore Takes on Opioids

One in three teens thinks smoking weed and driving is legal. What may be even more surprising is, according to several studies, they might have a point.

teens think driving high should be legal

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