Legalizing cannabis has been shown to significantly decrease opioid addiction. With rising rates of opioid-addicted babies, now is the time to act.

Methadone Use During Pregnancy

Careful what you smoke. Cannabis growers caught using feces as fertilizer are now giving a whole other meaning to the term “dank weed”.

Cannabis Growers Human Feces Fertilizer

Parents who use medicinal marijuana are being held to a different standard than parents who use pharmaceutical drugs.

Child Protection Services Medical Marijuana

Pharmaceutical companies like Insys Therapeutics are opposing the cannabis industry, while at the same time entering it.

President Duterte thinks that the United States has no right to criticize the violent drug policies in the Philippines that currently target poor people.

Duterte war on drugs in the Philippines

Sarah Blyth of the Overdose Prevention Society says that cannabis is literally saving lives.

Professor Brandon Canfield stresses that “a stereotypical stoner need not apply.”

Michigan . University Marijuana Studies Degree

New research suggests that the marijuana industry will be the country’s second-largest job creator. Will #SomeonetellSessions?

Someone Tell Jeff Sessions That The Marijuana Industry Will Create 250,000 Jobs By 2020

Harvard’s incoming freshman class is majority non-white, which means big things for diversity on campus.

There is no bigger violation of privacy than someone telling you to piss in a cup. Luckily, a Supreme Court Judge thinks they’re as unconstitutional.

drug tests are unconsitutional

Wine growers are getting their backs up about marijuana growers moving in on their turf.

With their sleepless robot hands, machine trimmers promise more bud, faster than ever before.


Republican Senator Orrin Hatch knows how to propose a bill with style.

Cases demonstrating how the American justice system unfairly targets people of color—namely Black people—keep growing.


If California keeps burning, you might want to prepare for a weed shortage.

California Wildfire marijuana crops threatened

Senator Cory Booker has proposed the most ambitious marijuana legalization bill to ever reach Congress. If passed it would legalize weed nationwide.

Cory Booker Marijuana Legalization

According to a new bill regulating cannabis on county fairgrounds, your ride on the Ferris Wheel or The Gravitron is about to get a lot more interesting.

While VA doctors can now talk to their patients about treating PTSD with cannabis, VA doctors still can’t prescribe medical marijuana to veterans.

Veteran Right to use medical marijuana cannabis PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Soldiers

Fentanyl overdose deaths are up 540% in three years. Now judges are taking a hard stance against drug dealers who deceive their clientele.

Fentanyl laced drugs heroin manslaughter

It turns out that marijuana legalization hasn’t resulted in millions of doped up eighth graders roaming the street in search of their next fix.

Turns Out Legalization Has Hugely Reduced The Number Of Minors Smoking Weed

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