Imagine drones delivering bud and edibles the way The Stork delivers babies.


Cases of fentanyl-laced weed have been wildly misreported.

Fentanyl-laced weed

Every year scores of patients are denied organ transplants because they smoke weed, but with no national policy or database, no one knows exactly how many die as a result.

Riley Hancey Denied Lung Transplant Because Of THC Marijuana Cannabis Dies Young too early 20 years old

Alexis Bortell  is part of a growing group of “medical marijuana refugees.” In a joint-lawsuit with a Super Bowl champion, Bortell is suing Jeff Sessions.

Alexis Bortell sues Jeff Sessions Cannabis Oil

A pilot study out of Harvard University shows promising scientific results that dismiss the tired couch-locked stoner cliche.

Harvard Weed Improves Brain Function

When Insys Therapeutics realized their new cancer pain medication, Subsys, wasn’t as profitable as expected, they artificially expanded their customer base.

Fentanyl Pharmaceutical Company

Since becoming the first country to legalize recreational weed, Uruguay has been captivating the world’s attention for its incredibly low price per gram.

Uruguay cheap marijuana

Yale University is giving you another reason to get a little trippy; psychedelics make humans more environmentally conscious.

Psychedelics environmentally concious

For 5-years California experienced one of the worst droughts ever recorded. Irresponsible practices of underground weed farmers could be risking another.

Illegal Grow-Ops Drought California

A former police officer is establishing a database to track the country’s criminal cops. So far Phillip Stinson and his team have uncovered startling figures.

Banks shutting the weed industry out bank accounts and loans are creating an extremely dangerous environment for businesses, employees, and consumers.

Marijuana Growers and Dispensaries Denied Bank Accounts

Instead of giving citizens legal public spaces to smoke, politicians in the UK are getting recreational and medical marijuana users evicted.

cannabis users evicted from homes

Up until now, ninety-two percent of people arrested in Atlanta for marijuana possession under an ounce were black Americans.

Killer Mike Atlanta Decriminalize Weed

Even though legalization is sweeping the country, more Americans than ever are being indicted for marijuana possession.

Thanks to new regulations and paramilitary-style raids, California’s marijuana growers are abandoning the land that made them.

Nine months after Californians approved cannabis legalization, only a few of the thousands of marijuana farmers have joined the official system.

The Philippines House Committee on Health on Monday unanimously approved the Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act.


Arrests for marijuana are up 6%, but you’d never know that from the latest FBI report. Numbers calculating the percentage of annual pot busts are omitted.


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