If successful, the bill would make Wisconsin the first state to legalize marijuana through a state legislative process; others have used ballot initiatives.


We’d assume that once cannabis-efficacy against cancer is proven, we’d hear about this scientific breakthrough all over the place, right? Wrong.


The head of the Drug Enforcement Administration has announced his resignation after criticizing Trump for appearing to have “condoned police misconduct.”

Thanks to a new ruling, people in certain Swiss cities can legally possess up to 10 grams of weed, all without fear of being prosecuting by authorities.

Cannabis regulators in California will start handing out temporary business licenses to existing cannabis companies on January 1, 2018.


A group of English hikers on Saturday got so stoned, they were unable to hike back and required a major mountain rescue operation.


Lesotho just became the first African nation to grant a license for medicinal cannabis. This marks a big shift in how weed is viewed on the continent.


Ontario is adopting a zero tolerance policy toward many drivers who use cannabis. Truckers, motorists 21 and under, and new drivers are affected.

Stoned Drivers

California lawmakers, following up on voters’ cannabis legalization last November, have formally called on the federal government to reclassify cannabis.

reclassify cannabis

Cameron Smith was allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint from the parking lot of Lucid Marijuana, the store in Cheney, Washington where he worked.

Cameron Smith

The Illinois Legislature is a considering a proposal to legalize recreational cannabis for adults 21 and older, allowing products to be safely regulated,


A new study from the University of Indiana indicates that medical cannabis, if legalized on a national level, could save almost 50,000 lives a year.


There’s progress in the Lone Star State, with Texas issuing its first license, with other licenses possibly being on the way.


Previously a controlled drug, doctors in New Zealand can now import and prescribe the non-psychoactive cannabis extract cannabidiol, CBD.

Toronto cops recently raided a dispensary that’s been providing a free opioid substitute program to people with addictions.

Even though weed will soon be legal, smoking of any kind could soon be illegal at beaches in the Golden State, if lawmakers have their way.


Senate President pro tempore Orrin Hatch, a conservative, on Wednesday proposed legislation which encourages research into the use of medicinal cannabis.

Orrin Hatch

Cashless transactions will allow Hawaii’s medical cannabis market to become safer and more transparent, and an easier time for patients.


Researchers discovered that cannabis oil had ‘significantly improved the condition of children suffering from cerebral palsy’.

Cerebral Palsy

Less than 2 weeks after stores started selling cannabidiol, Nebraska’s Attorney General sent a memo to law enforcement describing the practice as illegal.


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