Teenage weed usage rates decreased nationally in 2016 and are now at their lowest levels in the past 15 years, according to the National Survey on Drug Use.


Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, has officially unveiled their framework for the sales of recreational cannabis at government-run dispensaries.

government-run dispensaries

GOP leaders in the House of Representatives won’t allow a full House vote on an amendment that offers protections to medical states from federal raids.


Wisconsin is moving towards becoming the first state to legalize cannabis through the Legislature, rather than through a voter initiative at the ballot box.


Massachusetts has the 5-member board ready to run the local cannabis scene. But is the deck stacked against a fair system?


Anresco Laboratories has found that much of the weed sold in California is tainted with mold and other harmful chemicals.

Anresco Laboratories

Police are facing questions on their priorities after a Texas couple was busted for marijuana while looking for a missing friend as Hurricane Harvey hit.

Hurricane Harvey

After years of preparation, one ingredient remains missing from a landmark PTSD study. Qualifying veterans. Here’s how volunteers can sign up.


Men who heavily smoke cannabis might face infertility problems, because weed seems to get sperm stoned, causing it to “swim in circles.”


Recreational weed in California could be soon followed by legal psychedelics, as Californians might soon be able to consume Magic Mushrooms.

Magic Mushrooms

New York City is recommending the reversal of the July revocation of a taxi driver’s professional license after he tested positive for cannabis.

HERB, a cannabis technology company with the most engaged cannabis community in the world, is pleased to announce it has raised $4.1 million in seed funding.


The cannabis space gets bigger and better every day. Companies are finding ways to grow and meet the needs of their fans. HERB is growing as well.

What started as Californian cops serving paperwork tragically ended in bloodshed in the state, and one unstable grower now lies dead.

Californian Cops

Treatment centers make billions each year with programs covered by insurance plans. However, not all are ready to let the paycheck walk out the door.

Treatment Centers

Irresponsible words about heroin and cannabis from a psychotherapist on a BBC documentary have provoked incredulity and outrage in the United Kingdom.

Louisa Philips Kulukundis

Politicians in Maine now say recreational weed sales could be delayed until sometime in 2018 – more than 18 months after approval by voters.


While mostly related to the anti-tobacco campaigns taking place throughout the Northeast, these anti-vaping laws will definitely impact you if you vape.

Anti-Vaping Laws

In keeping with the spirit of healing, Mexico has begun purchasing CBD hemp oil products from HempMeds Mexico for citizens.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Employers can be sued for refusing to hire job applicants who test positive for medical marijuana, a federal judge in Connecticut ruled last week.


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