Jeff Sessions wants to fight drugs by bringing back D.A.R.E.? If at first you don’t succeed, do it the same way regardless?


Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has endorsed a state of emergency to ensure that the state’s 47 dispensaries don’t run out of weed.


Oregon is moving towards becoming the first state to decriminalize personal use amounts of such drugs as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy.

Project Lincoln’s most recent raids on Canna Clinic point to a seemingly never-ending police enforcement on the booming dispensary industry in Canada.

Canna Clinic

A new survey of over 3,000 patients on pain medications confirms the overwhelming preference of cannabis over opioid-based pharmaceuticals.


The United Nations and the World Health Organization have finally entered the 21st Century, issuing a call for all drugs to be decriminalized.


Big Pharma is taking a note from the successes of cannabis, and many companies are trying to create their own cannabis-based painkillers.

Big Pharma

While it’s not the first, second or even third country to do so, Greece has become the latest European country to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

Big Tobacco wants cannabis out of their way. And, as discovered documents reveal, Jeff Sessions has been in their pocket for a long time.

Big Tobacco

Set by professionals and citizens of Catalonia, the historic decision will allow for regulated cannabis clubs and the decriminalization of cannabis.


Nevada lawmakers are making some emergency changes in the days before the state’s early start, recreational cannabis program begins on July 1.


You read that right: the DEA just admitted that weed causes “happiness” and has never killed a single person. So why is it still federally illegal?


Gov. Rick Scott signed a broader medical marijuana system for the state into law on Friday, building on Florida’s existing medical cannabis program.

In the latest scaremongering tactics of certain politicians, fentanyl-laced weed is apparently behind the opioid epidemic.

Fentanyl-Laced Weed

Officer Yanez supposedly “did what he had to do” in killing Philando Castile, because Castile smelled like weed in his car and “was stoned.”

Philando Castile

President Enrique Peña Nieto on June 19 officially published a bill making medical cannabis legal and available in our neighbor to the south, Mexico.


Jeff Sessions appears to be a man on a mission when it comes to increasing federal drug enforcement. So get ready people, this just got real.

Jeff Sessions

Colorado residents with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) qualify for medical marijuana after Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 17 on Monday.


Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has announced that restrictions would be removed for CBD, bringing New Zealand into line with other countries.

New Zealand

The federal government itself supplies it to certain patients. But federal officials continue to act as we don’t already know that cannabis is medicine.


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