Colorado residents with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) qualify for medical marijuana after Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 17 on Monday.


Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has announced that restrictions would be removed for CBD, bringing New Zealand into line with other countries.

New Zealand

The federal government itself supplies it to certain patients. But federal officials continue to act as we don’t already know that cannabis is medicine.


So close, but so far away. Vermont Governor Phil Scott has tossed a bill back to the Legislature that would have legalized cannabis if he had signed it.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that a long-term study, spanning more than 30 years has revealed that cannabis may be a factor in improving eyesight over time.


This groundbreaking new study confirms CBD oil can help reduce seizures in children with epilepsy; and, in some cases, stop the seizures.


Justice O’Neill seems to be one of the few lawmakers in Ohio who sees the common-sense benefits associated with decriminalizing weed in his state.

420 Rally organizers are appealing, with hopes of regaining their good-standing status with the City of Denver and its Parks and Recreation department.


What started out as a relatively normal interview with Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, got weird when she said pot leads to heroin and suicide.

Theresa May

Jeff Sessions has issued a memo to prosecutors, calling on them to push for the “most serious” charges against people to trigger the longest drug sentences.

Federal Intervention

Cannabis could be legally grown, sold and used in New Jersey under a new bill introduced Monday in the state Senate by Sen. Nicholas Scutari.

The Liberal Democrats say that if they if things go their way in the upcoming general election, they’ll legalize cannabis for UK citizens 18 and over.


It remains unclear whether or not the Trump administration poses a threat to state’s rights and patient’s rights when it comes to marijuana laws.


Good news for Nevada residents, tourists, and lovers of Sin City. The Silver State is on track to begin early retail cannabis sales this July 1.


It’s a happy case of “No, it’s NOT too good to be true. It appears that daily doses of THC can help to slow, or even reverse, the cognitive decline that comes with aging.


Thanks to new legislation, the Australian government now allows for the sale, import and storage of medicinal cannabis from sources overseas.


Michigan cannabis advocates have submitted petition language, setting up a signature marijuana legalization drive and a potential 2018 ballot proposal.


Simply admitting to border patrol that you have used cannabis at any point in the past means you could face permanent banishment from the US.

border patrol

After building his professional life around the promotion of a dangerous painkiller, the man behind OxyContin is venturing into the medical cannabis world.


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