The Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru has become the nation’s first drive-thru pot shop to allow its customers to purchase their bud right from their car.


Last Friday, Mexico’s lower house of congress passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana. The votes in favor of legalization crushed the votes against it.


However, recreational cannabis is still somewhat vulnerable to potential enforcement if the current administration decides to act.


Despite the propaganda, the Federal Department of Health says there is no correlation between legalized cannabis and increased teen usage.


There is a long road ahead, and cannabis activists should call for much more review of the laws surrounding drug use so that the whole country reaps the benefit.

south africa

It’s not just chocolate that you should be watching your dog around, as weed can also have a harmful effect on doggo, something owners are finding out.


Cannabis retail sales during the 420 holiday saw a 20 percent increase over the previous year and a 13 percent increase in customer traffic.

Retail cannabis sales

Even so early in the new year, cannabis sales are breaking records in Colorado, which could mean more growth for the industry.

Cannabis Sales

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand approved of the decision to lift the ban on hemp when they determined that hemp contained acceptable levels of THC.


Found: 200 pounds of weed, with a street value of over a million dollars, easy. But where did it come from?


Along with kale and chives, stood some healthy, illegally grown pot plants at Vancouver City Hall’s community garden.

Let’s just hope that Rohrabacher-Farr is re-approved in time and that permanent measures are taken to protect citizen’s rights in legal states.


Washington state lawmakers are looking to crack down on billboards featuring cannabis plants, cuddly mascots or other images that could appeal to children.


120 patients with autism are being treated with cannabis in a new clinical trial in Israel. Thus far, there’s hope for success.

Medical Cannabis Strains

Riley Hancey gained attention over the past few months after the University of Utah Hospital had denied his transplant due to their no-cannabis policy.

Riley Hancey

Germany is giving the official green light for medical cannabis. Doctors will be able to prescribe it, and businesses may get the chance to grow it.


US Capitol Police arrested seven pro-cannabis activists in D.C. who were distributing free joints on a sidewalk across from the Capitol building on 420.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said on April 18 that the Trump Administration would use cannabis possession as a reason for deporting immigrants.

A Northern Ireland mother has been campaigning for months for access to medical cannabis oil. Now her son will be the first UK patient to receive it.

Billy Caldwell

You know how you can tell medical cannabis has reached the heartland of America? When it’s legalized in West Virginia. That’s what happened yesterday.

West Virginia

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