You know how you can tell medical cannabis has reached the heartland of America? When it’s legalized in West Virginia. That’s what happened yesterday.

West Virginia

Trump’s new pick for Drug Czar, Richard Baum, is a Big Pharma puppet. What does this mean for cannabis?

Drug Czar

In Texas, the City of Dallas has decided that the time has come to stop ruining lives over a plant.


So what will Canadian legalization look like? Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party officially released their plan to legalize recreational use in Canada.


Pro-pot politicians are pounding the pavement this spring. A bipartisan bill put before Congress last Thursday would drop cannabis down to a Schedule III substance.

Schedule III

Weed terms are now so normal that they have even been added to the dictionary. Nothing feels better than acceptance and validation.


By restricting them from any affiliation with Cannabis Culture, the government seems to be trying to silence the activist culture around the group.

Cannabis Culture

California once had one of the lowest rates of tobacco tax in the country, at 87 cents per pack, the Golden State now has one of the highest.

Tobacco Tax

The “College for All” act proposed by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would provide free tuition for all public universities and community colleges.

College for All

With initial recommendations from agencies expected by July 27th, Sessions appears to want to try to take cannabis legalization head-on.

Jeff Sessions

Starting in July, pharmacies across Uruguay will carry cannabis on their shelves. Uruguay won’t become a tourist mecca anytime soon, however.


The TSA said that medical cannabis is OK on planes… and then they took it back. Here’s the scoop on the TSA’s recent website snafu.


Texas still denies patients access to medical cannabis. Texan veterans and medical patients are ramping up to legalize the Lone Star State.

Texan Veterans

The Texas House Committee has voted in favor of cannabis decriminalization. The bill could eliminate arrests and jail time for 1 oz. or less possession.

Dallas Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones, said the NFL should end its ban on cannabis use, at last week’s owners-only meeting in Arizona.

dallas cowboys

Former head of the Australian Federal Police sees drug use as a health issue. Calls for decriminalization as drug-related offenses continue to rise.


Will the U.S. see legal cannabis anytime soon? Americans just might be able to enjoy their bud in peace if this new legislation passes.


Another positive for the cannabis industry, helping move it into the mainstream and showing the real growth of the green, this time with motor sport.


Garry Godfrey has Alport Syndrome, a hereditary disease that causes renal failure at a young age, along with debilitating pain, nausea, and anxiety.

Garry Godfrey

Lawmakers in Argentina have legalized cannabis oil for the treatment of serious medical conditions. The law also permits the cultivation of cannabis, too.


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