A special donation has been made to TJU that will help the school become the first medical cannabis research center in the United States.


Two Republican lawmakers in Tennessee are the main sponsors of a new medical marijuana bill – but another, Rep. Andy Holt, REALLY hates cannabis a lot.

Rep. Andy Holt

Police in Vancouver have a new machine that can test for impairment from not just cannabis, but cocaine, methamphetamine, and opiates.


Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s argument was heard – and ultimately rejected – by the 3-judge panel of the Arizona Court of Appeals.


A new study suggests that access to medical cannabis means fewer opioid-related traffic fatalities.

Traffic Fatalities

Cannabis Culture wants to give special Christmas presents to those Montreal patrons willing to show their support for cannabis legalization.


The nation’s oldest hospice announced this week that it would be studying ways in which medical cannabis may be used to help dying patients.


Until cannabis is rescheduled and scientific studies are conducted, it’s likely women will not have answers when it comes to pregnancy and cannabis use.


The Prince of Pot is having more law enforcement drama with his newest Cannabis Culture expansion in the city of Montreal.


MassRoots, one of the leading cannabis-related websites, announced on Thursday that it had acquired the online cannabis business registry Whaxy.

Montreal’s mayor is trying to stop dispensaries from operating in his community. But nothing will stop these dispensary owners.


While the majority are pleased about Mexico passing a medical cannabis bill, some fear the repercussions from dangerous cartels.


New reports are proving that the legal cannabis market is having a surprise effect on consumption levels amongst teenagers.


After traveling to America a year ago, this young boy is finally headed home with a medical prescription since Ireland legalized medical cannabis.

Massachusetts will make the possession and use of recreational cannabis legal, in accordance with the provisions of the November ballot.

east coats massachusetts marijuana legalization

Many patients use CBD oil to manage symptoms from debilitating disorders, like epilepsy. Now, the DEA has declared CBD extracts illegal.

cannabis tinctures

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos used his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech on Saturday to call for a rethinking to the war on drugs.

Colombian President

Events and figures coming out of the Philippines in recent months suggest that the killings ordered by the President have increased.


Legalization activists sneaked weed into Sen. Jeff Sessions’ office, in an attempt to have the Attorney General nominee soften his opposition to weed.

Federal Intervention

In a recent announcement, Canadian Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr said he is capping the amount vets can claim at three grams a day.

canadian veterans

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