Celebrated cannabis activist Eddy Lepp was released from federal prison on Wednesday, after serving 8.5 years of a 10-year sentence for growing cannabis.

Eddy Lepp

A Texas state senator has filed a bill in the state legislature that would allow more medical conditions to qualify for medical cannabis use.

medical Cannabis Use

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s encouragement of crackdown on cannabis proprietors has left many of his supporters angry.


New York health officials will soon expand access to medical cannabis, though legalized recreational use remains unchanged.

New York

While the addition of PTSD may mostly be treated as good news, Minnesota’s veterans are having a complicated time getting the access they need.


The task force charged with leading the country’s efforts in legalizing recreational cannabis submitted the framework of the legal market might look.

Task Force

Medical cannabis legalization has been on Ireland’s radar over the past several months, as parents fight for cannabis access for their sick children.


A former Attorney General thinks President-elect Donald Trump’s prospective cabinet appointments indicate that he may lead a crackdown on cannabis.

Attorney General

Congress is addressing the nation’s widening heroin epidemic, but is it just an unacceptable giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry?

Heroin Epidemic

The former CEO of the company that manufactures the powerful painkiller Oxycontin has moved on to seek out other methods of pain relief for patients.


Another NFL player is suspended for cannabis use. Seantrel Henderson was strictly using cannabis to battle Crohn’s disease. Where is the NFL’s heart?

Seantrel Henderson

Can you imagine a greenhouse the size of 10 football fields? A planned expansion would turn this Canadian weed factory into the world’s largest.

weed factory

A major political party of South Africa this week indicated that it would soon allow a pathway forward in enabling medical patients to access cannabis

South Africa

Medical trials are a step forward for the plant, which remains prohibited- but activists say there is much more work to be done to get patients access now.

New Zealand

The Jamaican government wants the new cannabis research and cultivation permits being granted by the island country to benefit the entire world.

Cannabis Research

Three political parties in Berlin are working on a state pilot program for recreational cannabis. Will Germany be the next country to legalize cannabis?


Watch this video to hear why state officials are changing their minds about allowing people to consume cannabis at Denver bars.


A glitch in California’s recently-passed recreational cannabis initiative threatens to deprive California of millions of dollars in tax revenue.


Trump has announcement that the position of Attorney General has been offered to outspoken opponent of cannabis reform, Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Jeff Sessions

Texas legislators have submitted multiple cannabis-related bills, one of which seeks to decriminalize the possession of up to one ounce of cannabis.


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