Officials in an Ohio town have decided not to enforce a new law decriminalizing recreational cannabis, just days after the town voted yes on the measure.


Thanks to the passing of Proposition 300, Denver is the first US city to allow the use of cannabis in facilities like restaurants, bars, and gyms.

Denver Dispensaries

Cannabis is helping to expand the value of Scotts Miracle-Gro stock, thanks to the CEO’s intuition and business savvy mindset.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Stock

Thanks to the passing of medical cannabis policies in the recent election, Texas might get the change in their laws so many patients have been waiting for.


A city in Ohio has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis, thanks to an activist group founded by two of the town’s mothers.


Maine has voted yes to legalizing recreational cannabis after a nail-biter of an Election Night saw the measure pass by three-tenths of a percentage point.


On Monday, Juan Isaiah Cruz III, one of the first patients in Florida received a full-strength medical cannabis product to help improve his quality of life.

Juan Isaiah Cruz III

Medical cannabis patient Aiden Whitley wore a harmless shirt displaying a cannabis leaf, so his school removed him from class. A little drastic, perhaps?

Aiden Whitley

Arkansas on Tuesday approved an amendment to its state constitution, which would establish a medical cannabis program within the state.


North Dakota voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved an initiative that would legalize the cultivation and use of medical cannabis.

Montana voters on Tuesday voted to expand access to medical cannabis in the state, delivering victory that was greater than many had predicted.

Montana cannabis

Arizona on Tuesday rejected a ballot initiative that would have legalized the cultivation and use of recreational cannabis throughout the state.

Voters in Florida on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the state constitution that significantly expands the state’s medical cannabis program.

Nevada on Tuesday voted comfortably to approve a measure that would legalize the use and sale of recreational cannabis throughout the state.

Massachusetts on Tuesday voted in favor of a ballot initiative that legalizes the cultivation and use of recreational cannabis.


California, the most populous state in the United States, voted decisively to legalize the cultivation and use of recreational cannabis.

Prop 64

It’s not often that a single, individual act triggers policy change. But in Ireland, a mother’s pilgrimage to save her daughter may have done just that.


A new partnership between Ulster University and pharmaceutical startup GreenLight Medicines will investigate cannabis-based drugs for arthritis patents.

GreenLight Medicines

President Obama is commuting the sentences of 98 people, giving harmless inmates a chance to rebuild their life outside of prison.


A Maryland police commission has recommended relaxing the strict limits on how often prospective officers may have smoked cannabis in the past.


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