While it still may be some time before a fully operational medical cannabis plan is put into place, Australians are remaining optimistic about the outcome.

medical cannabis australia

This week, we’re letting you in on the sneaky tactics of politicians, the medical cannabis crisis in Montana, and Nashville’s new take on cannabis arrests.

This couple ran a daycare from their home. Meanwhile, a $1 million grow operation was fully functioning in their backyard.

Grow Operation

Montel Williams’ new company, LenitivLabs, says they’re going to stay focused on the medical market and patients who need cannabis to live.

Montel Williams

California could soon become the next state to legalize recreational cannabis use and the experts think voters will make it happen.

david bienenstock

A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court’s ruling that placed a ban on firearms sales to those who carry a medical cannabis card.


Young, African American males experience more police brutality than any other race. One officer held nothing back while beating a suspect already in custody.

Montavis Keller

Cannabis activist, Roger Barbour, fought for his daughter and won. Members of the community are mourning his loss, and he will be sorely missed.

Roger Barbour

Thai Visa users overwhelmingly support the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis use in Thailand. Imagine if it happened…


Researchers are about to tackle the cannabis and autism question in a first-of-its-kind human trial. Here are the details this important research.

By expanding their medical cannabis program, New York will now give patients more access to the life-saving medication they so desperately need.

new york

Pennsylvania may have legalized medical cannabis, but the governor still believes the state should decriminalize possession of small amounts of flowers.


The world has lost another bright light in cannabis advocacy. Jack Splitt paved the way for others and is gone all too soon.

Jack's Law

The synthetic cannabis overdose epidemic continues on Skid Row. Officials say that 18 people overdosed on what they presume to be spice.

Synthetic Cannabis Overdose Epdemic

The ACMPR will bring some very progressive laws to the Canadian medical cannabis space, including the cultivation of your own plants.


Some of the youngest residents of Victoria, suffering from severe epilepsy, are one step closer to the legal medicinal cannabis crop they desperately need.

Medicinal Cannabis Crop

The mother of an epileptic infant and one of the state’s medical cannabis producers have filed a lawsuit over the state’s medical cannabis shortages.

Medical cannabis shortages

Good herb and good music go hand in hand. Nashville is fighting to take criminal penalties off the books for cannabis users.


The Hemp Parade proves Germany is staying committed to legalizing cannabis for medical use, further proof that the war against drugs is an epic fail.

Hemp Parade

America isn’t the only country where the two dominant political parties ignore the will of the people. New Zealand fights for politicians to listen.

new zealand

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