The U.S. Government is well aware of cannabis’ medical properties, they’ve owned the patent 6630507 for 20 years. But they still won’t let us have it.


The NHS is making major moves in the UK. The MediPen means that for the first time, they’re taking a cannabis product seriously.


A potent surprise awaited a portable toilet user in this park, but not the bad kind. This was a weed dump in a portable toilet.

Portable Toilet

Money is pouring into the cannabis industry. Tuatara Capital broke the record at $93 million for new cannabis investors, and it shows no sign of slowing.

Cannabis Investors

This California dispensary was illegally raided by police. Instead of taking it lying down, the dispensary owner has filed a lawsuit.

Dispensary Sues Cops

The Libertarian Presidential nominees have the right idea about cannabis reform. If only the other candidates shared their level-headed views.

libertarian presidential nominees

Grow Canada! Health Canada has confirmed medical cannabis patients can officially grow their own medicine at home, starting August 24.


Another Cannabis Culture dispensary raid this week by Toronto cops this week reinforces the need to introduce laws to regulate dispensaries fairly.

cannabis culture dispensary raid

While many believed this could be the petition to reschedule cannabis and finally change the mind of the Federal Government and the DEA, sadly, it’s not.

reschedule cannabis

Barry Lambert donated $33M to Sydney University. But his generosity might be money down the drain as Australian law looks to change.

Barry Lambert

Randy Robertson played a big part in helping Pennsylvania become the 24th state to legalize medical cannabis. We have a lot to thank him for.

Randy Robertson

Check out the story and videos showing some of the chaos at a big Snoop/ Wiz Khalifa gig after safety railings collapsed.

Wiz Khalifa Gig

A car smashing into your house is bad enough. But the hole in the side of their house meant things were going to get a lot worse.

The alcohol industry is concerned over the dangers of legalizing cannabis, especially the impact it could have on drivers. Is this a joke?

Alcohol Industry

People continue to face incarceration and thousands in fines over what amounts to a few crumbly bits of plant matter in their pocket.


Another day, another cop blunder. Nothing quite like having 11 years experience working with drugs and then mistaking meth for something else.


Residents of Illinois no longer face jail if they’re caught with a small amount of cannabis as they become the twenty-first state to decriminalize cannabis possession.


Watch this 360-Degree Video as hundreds of activists march on City Hall, promoting their love of Bernie Sanders and the need to legalize cannabis now.

360-Degree Video

Protesters marched carrying not one, but two, giant, inflatable joints, in what supporters are calling “Jaywalk to DNC.”


The beautiful country of Greece is on its way towards legalizing marijuana for medical use, as announced by the Greek Health Ministry.

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