Watch this 360-Degree Video as hundreds of activists march on City Hall, promoting their love of Bernie Sanders and the need to legalize cannabis now.

360-Degree Video

Protesters marched carrying not one, but two, giant, inflatable joints, in what supporters are calling “Jaywalk to DNC.”


The beautiful country of Greece is on its way towards legalizing marijuana for medical use, as announced by the Greek Health Ministry.

He was forced to self-medicate and now Australian Lawmakers could take everything he owns. Isn’t Australia in support of medical cannabis?

Australian Lawmakers

Dana Larsen owns two dispensaries in Vancouver and is starting to sell his cannabis to anyone over the age of 19.

Dana Larsen

The selection of Mike Pence to share the Republican ticket sends a number of distressing signals to anyone looking for a progressive approach to cannabis.

Mike Pence

Bright minds are pouring into the cannabis industry. That is the reason that CannaKorp wanted to become the Keurig of cannabis vaporizers.

Keurig of cannabis

A stolen brain and chemically-altered sprayed weed make for a rather strange series of events, and this guy charged with some pretty heinous allegations.

Sprayed Weed

With a great amount of evidence that cannabis can replace harmful painkillers like opioids,Big Pharma has a lot to lose.

big pharma

One University has discovered the drastic reduction in prescription drug use in states that enable access to medical cannabis for eligible patients.

Opioid Replacement

Described as a scene from ‘the Walking Dead’, 33 people were hospitalized in New York City after reportedly overdosing on synthetic weed.

Synthetic Weed

In the cultural epicenter of cannabis, why are Jamaican rastas, the most influential group of ganja growers, being left out of the loop?

Jamaican Rastas

Medical cannabis is working wonders on the budget for Medicare prescriptions.

medicare prescriptions

One Japanese actress-turned-activist is hoping she can make a big change in the Land of the Rising Sun’s strict cannabis laws.


A major attack on THC levels was just defeated. Way to go, Colorado!

thc levels

Check out what the Canadian weed legalization task force thinks about the idea of growing your own cannabis plants at home.

Canadian Weed Legalization

People were lighting up more than fireworks this weekend!

We’re celebrating Canada today! Will the country’s newly announced task force be the guiding light in the cannabis world?

cannabis task force

It’s about time someone stood up for Veterans suffering from PTSD. An Illinois judge agrees by ordering that the state covers PTSD.

medical cannabis list

Was the proposal to liberalize the nation’s cannabis laws nothing more than an elaborate ruse to appease the country’s legalization advocates?

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