One of the biggest companies in the world just hopped on board the cannabis support train. With that kind of momentum, there is no slowing down legalization

In the UK, voices coming from Constables and Public Health officials are calling for drug use to be decriminalized. Will the Government listen?

gearing up

Alaska has approved the state’s first licenses for the legal growth of cannabis, yet another monumental day for the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry.

Campaigners for Michigan’s November ballot are set to file a lawsuit over claims the number of required signatures fell short.

Just when those activists thought they had it in the bag, the number of the signatures that were needed for it to be valid came into question.

Montana cannabis activist groups are spending big in to get their issue on the November ballot.

Montana cannabis

The bill’s passage was not without opposition: While it sailed through the state House and was approved unanimously by the state Senate, the measure nonetheless overcame outside opposition.

Ohio is now the 25th state in the U.S. to legalize medical cannabis, and we couldn’t be more excited for them.

The FDA’s conference later this month on the administration’s drug and device regulation will highlight the Canadian medical cannabis regime.

Prohibition states love locking up the elderly and sick. This man faces death in prison for trying to live out his Golden Years a little more comfortably.

Medical cannabis tax imposed by the California legislature has been met with opposition from cannabis activists, who feel it will be patients who suffer.

medical cannabis tax

Arrests for cannabis possession in the UK have dwindled in the past five years, signaling a more tolerant approach from the nations’ police.

The highest court in MA. will hear 2 challenges to a ballot question likely to appear on the November ballot in an effort to legalize recreational cannabis.


For the first time since the Nixon administration, Obama has the chance to make things right.

Oregon medical dispensaries can officially sell recreational edibles until the end of the year, but limits are pretty strict compared to other states.

The raids on dispensaries in Toronto have opened a big can of worms for locals, police, and the government. Will the wound be healed, or will it fester?

Thomas Jefferson University (TJU), Pennsylvania, has established what is purportedly the first-ever research center to study the effects of cannabis.

Thomas Jefferson University

For the first time in decades, a Republican congressman has admitted to using medical cannabis. What implications will this have for legalization?

In Macedonia, apparently if you heal a few people in the right places, then suddenly legalization is no longer out of reach.

Colombia has approved the use of medical cannabis, in the latest series of moves by the country’s government to liberalize their substance laws.

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