The only bullet left in the gun of warmongers against personal liberty has been the U.N. treaty on controlled substances. But what if there’s a loophole?

The local police are making sure the public knows that they are still cracking down on personal pot use.

He believes this is a reason to keep it illegal, but perhaps he has simply forgotten what Prohibition does to a society.

Californians heard from Sanders at several rallies around the state. Will he win the delegates he needs on June 7th?

Toronto police on Thursday launched a series of raids against unlicensed cannabis distributors, seizing hundreds of kilograms of cannabis products and arresting over 90 people.

toronto raids

The Agency tends to ignore the actual law in favor of its personal agenda. Their latest lie may be the breaking point.

Among the medical conditions that allow for the prescription of medical cannabis under the bill are, cancer, AIDS, pain, glaucoma, and epilepsy.

The failure of the drive for a ballot initiative pushes the next opportunity to make Nebraska medical cannabis a reality back anywhere from 1 to 3 years.

Nebraska Medical Cannabis

In New Zealand, cannabis legalization is a major topic of conversation for not only locals but their political leaders as well.

Colorado patients have met with another success with a measure unanimously supporting the rights of children and their parents.

Florence “Flo” Matheson, was busted by police last Friday for allegedly growing over 180 cannabis plants on her property.

Regulation seeks to provide greater opportunity and assistance to minority residents looking to establish their own cannabis businesses.

cannabis businesses

The bill allows doctors with the Department of Veterans Affairs to recommend medical cannabis in the states in which the substance is legal.

Going forward, this could ease the criminal penalties for countless individuals in the state.

He once said that cannabis should not be considered as one of the great things that Colorado has to offer, but has recently made a complete U-Turn.

Congress has been swatting away progress on cannabis like flies, shooting down not one but three measures.

Cannabis laws are changing across the United States, but for some, like Colorado police officers, the changes are coming far too fast.

One repeatedly distorts scientific facts. The other fights tooth and nail against allowing access to cannabis.

A new study has concluded that state tests of the impairment of drivers who have smoked cannabis do not have any scientific basis.

The Louisiana House of Representatives has passed a measure that would legalize medical cannabis in the Bayou State.

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