For one man, this nightmare is a stark reality, one which a number of Americans have to wake up to for the rest of their lives.

In honor of 4/20, some Bernie supports have started an online funding campaign to show their support for the Senator. Bring it on, Bernie.

What better day to announce the legalization of cannabis for an entire nation than 4/20 at the UN General Assembly in New York?

Medical Marijuana treats addiction to dangerous opioids like heroin, Oxycontin, or even meth, simply by acting as a far less dangerous substitute.

With so many from which to choose, we’ve compiled a short list of events from across the globe that you will not want to miss on this most sacred of holidays.

Uruguay is working with two firms to produce legal recreational cannabis, in a test run of the world’s first state-run cannabis program.


Hyasynth’s breakthrough may be cost effective, but the question is why go through all that trouble when you can just grow cannabis?


As the war in Colombia has left the hills of the Toribío region an off-limits zone for authorities, the black market fields have expanded, lighting up the night sky.

Jamaica’s agenda included plans to fully legalize cannabis as well as remove the British Queen from their monarchy and become a republic.

Big changes are in store for many Pennsylvania businesses, as they prepare to usher in new regulations surrounding legalized medical marijuana.

A key amendment was approved in a bill before the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday that would grant veterans medical marijuana access.

veterans medical marijuana

Bernie Sanders wants to remove marijuana from the list of dangerous substances outlawed by the federal government.

Any doubt whether the cannabis economy was going to keep up with the hype has been officially squashed, as Colorado marijuana revenue looks to be well on it’s way to beating 2015 record.

Check out the amazing photos below by New York City-based Gothamist, of thousands of supporters who turned out to see tonight’s Bernie Sanders’ rally.

Breaking news today announces which state will begin to manufacture, supply and access marijuana in high-quality medical form.

“I think on the question of marijuana legalization, we should leave it to the states. If it were me personally, voting on it in the state of Texas, I would vote against it.”

In a shocking twist, almost half of their signatures were deemed invalid, putting them less than 10,000 shy of what they needed. Now, a new ruling on the situations has put the wind back in their sails.

The Attorney General is batting away legalized cannabis left and right. How long can she fight the tide of the will of the people?

Sean Majors has dedicated his life to helping other veterans… and is the first United States Marine to be given permission to work with cannabis, with the military even paying for his education.

After 18 months of fighting felony drug charges, these legal, card-carrying medical marijuana parents are finally reunited with their son.

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