The DEA and DOD spent more than $86 million to purchase and modify a DEA aircraft, 7 years after the aircraft was purchased for the program it’s still never flown.

On rare occasion, those meant to enforce unjust laws realize how wrong the laws are, and refuse to obey. This is what it means to protect and serve the people.

It is apparent that the majority of marijuana opposition comes from the oldest members of government; those who hit their prime in a bygone era filled with Red-Scare tactics.

Yesterday, the state House of Representatives approved legislation to allow a program for industrial hemp research. If approved by the state Senate, it could return to its status of being the nation’s largest hemp producer.

There has been disappointing news in the world of medical marijuana politics recently. The state has been struggling to get medical marijuana legalized for a while now, and the latest attempt has proved unfruitful.

Today we’re announcing the expansion of The Stoner’s Cookbook, the number one source for cannabis content, as a social news and entertainment community called HERB.

The Stoner's Cookbook rebrands to HERB

With CBD pharmaceutical drugs entering the FDA approval process, it puts CBD products into the realm of Food and Drug Administration regulation. Does this take power away from the Department of Justice?

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) will decide by mid-year whether to reclassify cannabis under federal law, the agency revealed in a new letter to senators.

Does this mean the next thing on the agenda will be a legal medical marijuana program?

Hundreds of cannabis supporters gather for a rally on Saturday in front of the White House to hold a “smoke-out”.

Shona Banda has become a very public marijuana martyr after her son was taken from her by Kansas police and DCFS workers.

The city has plans to tax sales and cultivation of medical marijuana at 15%, and if the state passes recreational pot, they plan to tax that too.

This lawyer was accepting marijuana as payment for his legal services and was finally caught. How did he get away without losing his license to practice law?

Ohio is well on the road to legalizing medical marijuana, but there is still plenty of work to be done.

One teacher is in some serious trouble with the law after letting students blaze in the classroom!

Dogs have a great sense of smell. Imagine your dog brought a bag of weed home in his mouth? This actually happened in Mississippi!

That’s right, Dropleaf, the company that Julian Marley partnered with to cultivate his cannabis, is being sued by Erin Hackney of Hackney Family Trust. The Hackney Family Trust is an owner of Dropleaf.

Christian Olson has been receiving high-grade marijuana right to his door every week from his mailman.

Now that there is some regularity to the operations of the legal marijuana industry, state Legislatures are ready to take the next step. The new name of the game is financing.

The survey, conducted by the Associated Press and the University of Chicago, found that 61% of American adults think that the use of marijuana should be legal.

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