On February 1st, they felt supremely confident turning in over 99,000 signatures. However, on March 1st, the State office reported that they found 47,686 of those signatures didn’t count.

Marijuana legalization has certainly reduced the amount of marijuana related crimes, but has it actually caused a decrease in overall crime rates?

Unfortunately, this means that now both Denver and Pueblo will miss out on millions of dollars in tourist money from this year’s U.S. Cannabis Cup. More importantly, it means pot pilgrims the world over who travel to the event will be severely disappointed.

“I certainly think it ought to be rescheduled,” Holder says. “You know, we treat marijuana in the same way that we treat heroin now, and that clearly is not appropriate.”

After decades of war against cannabis, it seems D.A.R.E. might finally be coming to their senses, as they remove weed from their “gateway” drug list.

The sad irony of conservative Republicans supporting Federal Prohibition is in the core principles of the Republican Party: support individual liberties, small Federal government, and support States rights.

Cheech and Chong do the peaceful-stoner-vibe some justice on their quick segment debate on medicinal marijuana in this video Bill O’Reilly.

From a city where a third of its population lives below the poverty line, growing medical marijuana in place of dwindling prison populations could potentially have big upsides.


“Our last scan about two months ago was fantastic,” Robertson said. “All the tumors in my lungs were gone and all the tumors in my liver had shrunk or resolved, which is unheard of almost, I guess, in this particular disease.”

Obama had commuted more sentences that Reagan and both Bush presidents combined, and that was six months ago with a total of 43. More recently, he has commuted the sentences of over 6000 other prisoners.

Today is a proud day for all Australians who have fought hard to gain access to live saving medicine, and opens avenues for economic prosperity.

A Utah Native American Church sues the federal government for seizing 5 ounces of marijuana it sent in the mail to a cancer patient who uses the medicine religiously for holistic health and healing.

A young family in New Zealand has been thrown a lifeline by their district health board, which has opted to fund medication derived from marijuana to treat their daughter’s severe epilepsy. The decision is a once off, however, and lifesaving medical treatment could still be refused to others.

The same cops who arrest you for having cannabis are found eating it during a raid!

Apparently smoking marijuana at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver is a “no no.” Is there an epidemic of rule breakers or just a few sour apples ruining it for all of us?

The Flint water crisis started because the government wanted to save money, but what other steps could the state have taken to increase revenue without putting lives in danger? Legalizing cannabis instead of wasting money on arrests, for one.

Donald Trump used to be against the War on Drugs. Now that he is running for President, his views have changed. He is still reckless, daring, and loud. Do those qualities make him a good candidate?

Two 11-year-old children, two parents. One facing charges of child endangerment. An excellent example of the absurdity of cannabis laws.

For nearly three decades, The High Times Cannabis Cup has been the world’s leading marijuana trade show and the ultimate stoner experience.

California is set to properly regulate its medical marijuana industry after 20 years of loose laws with a potential 15% tax to help the community and pay for this regulation.

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