Is the U.S. Government withholding the truth about CBD? The FDA recently issued new warning letters.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced a landmark legislation ‘expected to pass ‘easily’, that would allow doctors and patients help to manage chronic pain and conditions with medical cannabis.

Facebook have reopened two New Jersey dispensary pages after closing multiple pages last weekend.

CannCon is Huge! And it’s the place to be in 2016! Are you going to the most important cannabis “expo” ever?

A thief, who felt bad about the crime he just committed, gives the victim some weed as a consolation prize.

It’s also no secret that many hackers and techy-guys alike enjoy smoking weed. Seriously, they love that stuff. So what happens when the FBI tries to hire a bunch of guys who are more than suited for the job, but who also enjoy smoking a little pot?

The question is, should the beer industry be worried about the rise of the marijuana industry?

Posting, tweeting or instagraming photos showing weed use might not be the smartest idea; while it might be socially acceptable, it remains federally illegal and can lead to some serious consequences.

This exercise would see a combined effort from both law enforcement and the marijuana movement to move towards what the world has been working towards for a long time.

The South Dakota tribe has burnt their plantation, citing jurisdictional issues as the primary hurdle to their operation.

Paralyzed by ganglia necrosis, cannabis helped this New Zealand teenager regain the use of her arms.

52% of Americans, including a majority of adults under 65, support legalizing marijuana.

The revolution is upon us, and if we want it to stay we must stand united in our push for global acceptance of cannabis. So why do we fight? The following list will give you enough reasons to keep spreading the good word- number 10 is the honest truth.

Marijuana has been falsely stigmatized as the ultimate “gateway drug” in turning people into hard drug users. Texas A&M and Florida University research studies state otherwise.

What impact will the capture of ‘El Chapo’ really have in the War On Drugs?

Two drug smugglers got high and thought they were being tailgated by an unmarked police car. What they did next was next-level paranoid!

The idea of a marijuana smoke break has become a reality, thanks to a number of companies who recognize the potential for new ideas and team building.

Cannabis is proving to be very profitable as a legal endeavor. And it’s not just dispensary owners and marijuana businesses that are seeing economic gains.

Tokyo Smoke in Toronto is a new lifestyle brand that aims to elevate weed.

It’s official! Getting high will not make you that stoner guy!

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