2016 presidential candidates will need to address the marijuana majority, since over half of Americans now support legalization. Bernie Sanders sets the standard. Here’s how.

Fulla Nayak made international news when her grandson Narayan Nayak claimed that she could be the oldest woman living in the world. She claimed her secret was smoking weed every day.

Massachusetts is likely going to be one of the next states to legalize weed. According to experts, the current mobilization could easily extend to surrounding states.

Migraines can be utterly debilitating. These extreme headaches feel like an intense pressure in one section of the head. Fortunately, research out of Colorado may bring some hope to suffering patients.

A man from Cairns, Australia, has been charged with aggravated supply of dangerous drugs to a minor and drug possession. Who to? His cancer-stricken daughter.

A tip from a private citizen has resulted in a tractor-trailer being seized in northern Sonora carrying a load of coconuts. But all was not as it seemed.

According to a recent Aljazeera America article, the legal cannabis industry “is among the most energy-intensive industries in the U.S.” New initiatives are needed to save the weed – and the world.

Although he has claimed to be in favor of medical marijuana, presidential candidate Donald Trump has some things to say about the legalization of marijuana.

58% of Americans favor cannabis legalization, although several states continue to have excessively harsh marijuana policies. The Top 10 states least likely to legalize marijuana also happen to be among the most conservative states in the country.

Enedina Stanger has no choice but to become a “medical marijuana refugee”. Medical marijuana is her only relief from pain, but illegal in her home state of Utah, meaning the family had to relocate to Colorado.

Forget the DEA, marijuana businesses are under attack by a much more subtle Federal enemy: the Internal Revenue Service.

The US Food and Drug Administration has just announced the potential of a diabetes medication that could increase life expectancy by 30 years.

In this video Modern Grower goes behind-­the­-scenes at Altai Brands, the California ­based chocolatier crafting premium cannabis infused artisanal sweets.

Music pirate turned marijuana activist, Napster founder Sean Parker just donated $500,000 to legalize marijuana for adults in California.

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Hemp does a rather magnificent job cleaning up all sorts of nasty chemicals and toxins from the soil. It has been used for years in Chernobyl, and now Japan wants to use it to aid in the Fukushima clean-up efforts.

The Sisters of the Valley produce medical marijuana with high levels of CBD which they know to be a powerful medicine.

The Obama Administration has called for a review the national drug policies, and implementing some changes could result in him finishing his term in the White House on a real high.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse updated their website recently, pertaining to marijuana. While they have not approved the marijuana plant as medicine, they admit it has cancer-killing properties.

It is estimated that recreational marijuana, know as the adult use marijuana act, could provide the state is up around the $1 billion mark.

This Thursday the first medical marijuana dispensary opens in New York after the state approved the opening of five different medical marijuana dispensaries in July.

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