The National Institute on Drug Abuse updated their website recently, pertaining to marijuana. While they have not approved the marijuana plant as medicine, they admit it has cancer-killing properties.

It is estimated that recreational marijuana, know as the adult use marijuana act, could provide the state is up around the $1 billion mark.

This Thursday the first medical marijuana dispensary opens in New York after the state approved the opening of five different medical marijuana dispensaries in July.

Charlotte’s Web CBD is giving a Denver family hope that their child will live a full and healthy life.

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A couple bought a hydroponic kit for growing tomatoes and were held at gunpoint by the SWAT team on suspicion of growing marijuana.

Legal marijuana in the U.S. is destroying Mexican drug cartels’ efforts to profit off of illegal weed smuggling.

The Federal Government has surprisingly taken Colorado’s side when faced with an interstate battle between Colorado and Nebraska.

Changing the scheduling of cannabis may not be the ideal solution to marijuana legalization.

Scientists are now busting the myth that cannabis adversely affects driving skills, and are in fact suggesting that the marijuana experience may even improve driving skills.

Congress is still holding the potential legal marijuana market hostage in Washington D.C. Could The District be the last frontier of prohibition strongholds?

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, it was illegal to get high in American schools, and the smart phone vape was still a figment of someone’s imagination. Not so now.

Do you live in Washington D.C.? Are you excited at the prospect of enjoying Cannabis legally for the first time, but have no clue where to begin? Fear not! A new business teaches people how to smoke weed.

Many states are legalizing and even the federal government may see some legislation very shortly. Countries around the world are doing the same. The planet is coming to its senses and the green rush is coming!

A recent study shows that legal marijuana states are witnessing a reduction in painkiller related overdoses and deaths.

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The world’s first “weedery” may be opening soon in Colorado. If all goes according to plan, this will be the “Marijuana Graceland”.


Minnesota based medical marijuana produced MinnMed claims to have a strain of marijuana that is 34 x stronger than any other on the market.

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The argument against marijuana legalization has long been focused on the affects it would have on America’s youth. The statistics say otherwise.

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Marijuana has been steadily increasing in popularity in the USA since it was first legalized medically in 1996. But despite its continuing success, it is still being blamed. But what for this time?

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Michael Botticelli, the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, went on the popular news program 60 Minutes this past Sunday to discuss his outlook on drugs in America.

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The Federal Government continues to uphold its antiquated policies toward marijuana. This time, it is the U.S. Postal Service that is taking a stand against marijuana.

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