Supporters for marijuana legalization may have met their newest opponent. Kevin Sabet is the leader of Project Sam a hybrid anti-marijuana group.

kevin sabet

A senate bill was introduced earlier this month. The bill would effectively be the end of federal intervention on state legal medical marijuana programs. This is amazing news.

senate bill

New Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may not currently use marijuana, but he vowed to introduce legislation that would legalize weed in all of Canada.


Australia and marijuana legalization just got one step closer with the Victorian government embarking on a State-based cannabis growth trial. Go you guys down under!

Uruguay’s former president Jose Mujica successfully legalized marijuana in the country. Now that Uruguay has created the world’s first national marijuana market we’ve got to know what types of weed they have.

Uruguay marijuana legalization

We have reached high noon in the showdown – marijuana vs. tobacco companies – and the war is taking place in the hallways of Capital Hill.

marijuana vs tobacco

We have waited too long for the DEA to reclassify cannabis from a schedule 1 drug. Here is a look at why the DEA has it all wrong.

reclassify cannabis

In this video Vice goes into the implications of legalization on the market, and how to include moms who enjoy cannabis into the picture.

stoned moms

We knew cannabis was grown thousands of years ago in China, but now, 2 pounds of the world’s oldest weed has be discovered.

world's oldest weed

ReformCA recently filed The Control, Regulate, And Tax Cannabis Act of 2016. It is one of several initiatives up for vote next year.

california marijuana legalization

You might never guess what the broadcast reporter, who famously quit her job on air due to her love of cannabis, is doing now.

report who quit now own alaska cannabis club

The DEA seems to be on a series of unfortunate events recently. Ironically enough, this time a DEA head’s daughter has been busted as a sweet drug kingpin.

DEA daughter

The money the American government has made by keeping pot illegal is nothing compared to the financial windfall it will see when it is finally legalized.

Marijuana – you can smoke it, you can eat it, you can vape it, AND you can drink it! So here is the top 10 rundown of the cannabis drinks on the market.

cannabis drinks cannapunch

The cannabis plant is like the MacGyver of the flora universe. Now, you can build your house using hemp fibers!

houses made from hemp

If passed, his proposal would effectively remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act completely, which would end drug testing for weed.

bernie sanders ends drug testing

The information is exciting, as it shows that more than half of the people north of Mexico are supportive of, and living peacefully with the idea of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana in more than half of US states

A man, given 18 months to live, cures himself with cannabis oil is another perfect example of how well cannabis oil works.

man cures himself using cannabis oil

An incredibly rich family living in Sydney, Australia, have recently donated over $30 million to expedite the movement of cannabis research in Australia.

Rich family donates millions to cannabis research

It seems there is going to be legal marijuana in many of the East Coast states by 2016, or at the very least, most of them are putting their ballots in.

east coast marijuana legalization

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