An incredibly rich family living in Sydney, Australia, have recently donated over $30 million to expedite the movement of cannabis research in Australia.

Rich family donates millions to cannabis research

It seems there is going to be legal marijuana in many of the East Coast states by 2016, or at the very least, most of them are putting their ballots in.

east coast marijuana legalization

Vapecode have made the most innovative thing that has been launched into the marijuana industry – a smartphone that doubles as a vaporizer!

Jupiter vaporizer phone from vapecode

If you think legalization has reduced the number of marijuana arrests in the country, think again – the arrest rates are still outrageous.

marijuana arrests

A 64 year old woman from New Hampshire has just been granted access to medical marijuana, after pleading she might be dead before it’s legalized.

Judge grants dying woman access to medical marijuana

Move over Black Friday, because Oregon will be the pioneer of Green Friday – the best sale day of the year!

Green Friday

No one in the US has forgotten the recent comments of DEA acting administrator, Chuck Rosenberg – that “medical marijuana is a joke”. A call for new DEA chief is on the lips of many.

Call for new DEA chief

Think twice before you post your next marijuana photo or #(insert weed reference), because the pesky agents at the DEA are most likely creeping on your profiles.

The money dedicated to expanding Michigan’s medical marijuana education program, a fund which has been building since 2009, has been spent goofing around.

Even Sarah Palin is showing a shift in attitude towards marijuana legalization – and that shows something about the changing attitude of the people.

Palin agrees legalization is no big deal

This year, you should be on the lookout for the black Friday promotions at some dispensaries around the country.

Black Friday Cannabis Deals

There are now marijuana dating apps and websites for those who appreciate having the presence of a third, Mary Jane, in their relationship.

Marijuana dating apps

Since marijuana was legalized in Washington D.C. there has been a huge drop in marijuana-related arrests.

Washington see drop in marijuana arrests

The women of the weed industry are certainly stepping up to the plate, with organizations all over the USA encouraging female entrepreneurs.

Women in the cannabis industry

The newest way to buy your weed, and even obtain a prescription for it in California is going to be online. And it´s going to be easier than ordering a pizza.

If you have a great cannabis business or idea, then a cannabis business incubator could be just what you need.

Cannabis business incubator

Marijuana cultivation can be very challenging if you have to battle with mold and bug infestations. The simple solution to these problems is to use chemical pesticides to kill the bugs or mold – but at what cost?

Marijuana and pesticides

It has been 45 years since guitar playing legend Jimi Hendrix died, but his legacy lives on through his music, style, and now vaporizers.

jimi hendrix vaporizer hazesticks

Since Oregon began recreational marijuana sales on October 1st, it seems like you can’t walk too far in any direction without running into a dispensary – especially in Portland.

The rumor mill is buzzing with the news that world class pop star, Rihanna, might be launching her own line of marijuana, called MaRihanna.

Rihanna launches MaRihanna brand

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