A petition to sack DEA chief, Chuck Rosenburg, after he called medical marijuana a ‘joke’ has been launched and is getting serious attention.

Petition for DEA chief to be sacked

A Northeast Portland power company is trying to blame indoor cannabis gro-ops for its customers experiencing power blackouts over the last six months.

While dispensaries continue to print money, they are faced with a question – where to store all this cash? Some believe marijuana bitcoins are the answer.

Researchers at Washington State University are developing a marijuana breath testing device to help discourage smokers from getting behind the wheel.

Marijuana breath testing

The latest DEA cannabis report has been released, and it contains a number of interesting facts about cannabis you need to know.

24 states have legalized medical marijuana and 4 have made it recreationally legal. We take a look at which states are most likely to legalize marijuana in 2016.

Next 3 states to legalize marijuana

Native Roots, a Colorado chain of marijuana dispensaries recently opened a marijuana gas station next to one of its Colorado Springs locations.

Earlier this week, the judges of the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled that cannabis use and cannabis cultivation is a human right.

Mexico decriminalize marijuana

The 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary was released just last month and apparently the US police don’t actually believe weed is a problem.

For some New Yorkers in urgent need of medical marijuana, the wait is now over. NY Governer has provided early access to medical marijuana.

What you might not know about the war on drugs is just how expensive it is, and just how much the DEA are spending.


Snoop has had a busy month. He recently launched his new marijuana lifestyle website Merry Jane and now he unveiled his marijuana brand Leafs by Snoop.

Leafs by snoop

Payqwick is currently Washington’s only way of purchasing recreational marijuana with a debit card because of banks shying away from the industry.

Payqwick marijuana card

San Francisco Girl Scout Danielle Lei clearly understands the economic principles of supply and demand. Noticing that marijuana users often have the munchies, she set up shop outside a marijuana dispensary.

Uruguay is awesome for more than just its beautiful beaches and cultural cities. Now they have one more reason why legalization in Uruguay is awesome.

Uruguay marijuana legalization

With Potbotics you can wear a helmet that determines exactly what strain of marijuana would be best suited for you.


Spice has apparently become an epidemic in Anchorage Alaska, and there is a citizen offering to swap Spice for real marijuana.

Spice is dangerous

The new Chief of the DEA, Chuck Rosenberg, said on Wednesday that medical marijuana is a “joke”. He says there’s no reason to call ‘medical’, because it´s not.

Sanders has continued to show undying support for this cause. Through both his words and his actions, Bernie Sanders has marked history for prohibition.

Ben Carson is a 2016 Presidential candidate doctor and scientist. He has openly said in an interview that he would intensify the war on drugs.

The war on drugs

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