The federal government gives free joints for life to a few lucky people since 1978. In fact, there are some receiving up to 300 joints a month.

Government Gives Free Joint For Life

A mother in Cleveland, Ohio, has just lost custody of her newborn baby after drinking a marijuana tea during her pregnancy as an alternative to chemical pain medication.

In the DEA’s latest massive raid on the Menominee Indian tribe of Wisconsin, they destroyed 30,000 marijuana plants, infuriating and confusing tribal leaders.

DEA destroys 30,000 plants

Here are the 2016 Presidential candidates who are the most likely to legalize marijuana in the next election.

Politician that support marijuana this election

The federal government has announced that due to a reform in drug policy, over 6,000 people will be released from federal prison.

Released from Federal Prison

After Bernie Sanders admitted he would vote yes to marijuana at last Tuesday’s democratic presidential debate, advocates expect big things for the marijuana industry.

Bernie sanders legalize marijuana

Unsurprisingly, the new Gallup Poll shows that the majority of Americans want legal weed… again…. for the THIRD consecutive year.

Gallup poll supports marijuana legalization

Are you lucky enough to be in one of the states next to legalize marijuana? Unless you live in the south, recreational weed is coming to a state near you.

Next states to legalize marijuana

As Canada finished up their election on Monday, a new Prime Minister has been elected – Justin Trudeau. Mr Trudeau is committed to legalizing marijuana in Canada.

Trudeau committed to legalizing marijuana in canada

Marijuana has been used as a medicine for centuries, but will big pharmaceutical control cannabis in our future?

Will big pharmaceutical control cannabis

Tomorrow, the City Council of Portland will vote to allow the creation of a so-called “Green Light District”.

Green light district in portland

Bernie Sanders and Hillary discussed marijuana legalisation and they agree that it’s time that the war on drugs was over.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton discuss marijuana legalization

An elderly couple in Brooksville, Florida have been arrested for growing weed in their home by police.

Tommy Chong has been smoking marijuana for over 50 years. He talks about the not-so-fun side of being a cannabis icon – getting busted.

Tommy Chong

Watch out world – There is a new criminal on our streets. Beware of the weed-loving, felonious pig!

Pig gets high

DEA employees fail drug tests without consequences, despite being in charge of the ‘war on drugs’


The DEA wants feds to cultivate 658,000 grams of cannabis next year to cater for the growing demand of medical cannabis for research.

DEA Wants Feds To Cultivate 658,000

Legalization of marijuana at the state level has not led to a national decline in the rate of marijuana arrests.

Marijuana Arrests

16-year-old, Hayden Long, a quarterback for Ohio’s Geneva High School football team, killed himself from what a friend describes as marijuana shaming.

Hayden Long suicide

In the first week of legal sales, Oregon hits historic record by raking in a huge $11 million.

Oregon Hits Record In First Week Legal Marijuana Sales

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