The Nightly Show guests say what we’re all thinking regarding Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to allow employers to fire medical marijuana patients.

When a Louisiana Representative asks for federal troops to crack down on legal states, Jared Polis responds with a hilarious rant. Fried crayfish?!

In a very disheartening decision, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that employees can still be fired for medical marijuana use whether on or off duty.

It looks like the number of marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver has officially passed the number of Starbucks Coffee shops in the city. But marijuana is still illegal in Canada—wait, what? Here’s what’s up with weed in Vancouver, BC.

If you’re like us, these facts are going to make you question a lot of what you know about biology, history, society — really everything. You’re welcome.

Katelyn Lambert’s father went outside of Australian law to save his daughter’s life and ends up sparking $33.7m in funding for medical cannabis research.

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that our food landscape is victim to a thick layer of deceptive marketing. Don’t fall for these common health food myths!

This informational video breaks down the science behind mindfulness, and the similarities between the effects of meditation and cannabis are striking.

Whether or not you’re currently supporting a loved one with a serious illness, let these Empathy Cards inspire a commitment to communicate authentically.

You won’t believe the disgusting acts by these cops, after trying to destroy the evidence from their Sky High medical marijuana dispensary raid. Nice try.

A gram can kill 15 people. And if you survive, it makes you a slave to suggestion. Watch this VICE documentary on Scopolamine, the world’s scariest drug.

If you haven’t watched TEDx talks before, this is a great place to start. And if you have, add another powerful one to the list. People need to hear this.

One steamy evening Sexxpot founder Karyn Wagner discovered the aphrodisiac power of cannabis strain Mr. Nice, branded it, and the viagra for women was born.

Take a sneak peek into CannaCamp, a scenic marijuana resort offering cannabis-enhanced activities, everything from yoga to dinner pairings to glass blowing.

After the New Zealand Government signed off their approval for CBD treatment, teen Alex Renton’s condition began improving. Follow the story here.

The story of Uruguay’s Juan Vaz gives us hope for government and proves the aptitude of the folks that built the cannabis industry — namely the growers.

Dr. Carl Hart of Columbia University delivers powerful insight in this TED Talk, using psychology to call out the inherent flaws of our current drug policy.

With the cannabis industry thriving and entrepreneurs trying to cash in on it, these marijuana businesses are being brought down by government big time.

For those unfamiliar with the basics of cannabis cultivation, you need to understand why cloning is so important! Watch this video for guidance.

Charlotte’s Web is the high-CBD strain that is helping out families with children who have severe epileptic disorders. See how the products are made!

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