For those unfamiliar with the basics of cannabis cultivation, you need to understand why cloning is so important! Watch this video for guidance.

Charlotte’s Web is the high-CBD strain that is helping out families with children who have severe epileptic disorders. See how the products are made!

Jayden suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. After taking 22 pills a day at the age of 6, his father turned to medical marijuana.

Everyone needs to see this powerful NBC story. NBC covers the hardship of families fighting to obtain medical marijuana for their epileptic children.

Michigan has been a real THC topic lately—many expect it could be on the radar to join Alaska, Colorado, District of Columbia, and Washington in marijuana legalization in the near future. Here’s what’s up with marijuana in Westland, Michigan.

Weed 3, the Marijuana Revolution is the third installment of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s weed documentary series for CNN. Dr. Gupta highlights some of the lives that marijuana has changed alongside some compelling interviews with influential people in the industry. If you need more reasons to watch, we’ve got some.

Canada’s stance for legalization and consumption of marijuana seems to vary across each province. Here is a breakdown of what’s going on with cannabis in Canada.

There is (or there should be) little refuting to the fact that the cannabis industry is the next biggest American industry. See why that is the case.

Underground cannabis social clubs? Just the name sounds amazing. Since it’s illegal to smoke wherever you want in Colorado, these clubs offer a solution.

Domestically, we know where to go to get some ganja. But if we wanted to get baked abroad, how far do we really have to travel? Here’s the skinny on weed tourism worldwide.

Thanks in part to those signed the petition, the New Zealand Government has approved Alex Renton’s medical marijuana application that could save his life.

Welcome Toastabags, a marvel of innovation. These fantastic slips of paper allow you to make a toasty, grilled panini with your conventional toaster.

We’re not only talking solar roadways — these panels could replace literally every paved surface that receives sunlight and collect energy all day long.

Like most cannabis enthusiasts, we love selfless acts of compassion. We hope that you will share this clip and inspire others to do the same.

Did you know that by supporting cannabis legalization you are also protecting our oceans? Check out this educational short about the great big blue.

Located in California, Cannabis Creamery produces cannabis ice cream that is already becoming a major hit. See for yourself where all the magic happens!

Yes, veterinary medicine has began to embrace marijuana for pets. However, the road looks long and fraught with obstacles — this video explains why.

Cannabis has been proven to help sufferers of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which presently amounts to more than 5 Million people in the United States alone. In fact, many states that allow medical marijuana have laws specifically allowing use for individuals with PTSD. Here are some interesting facts about marijuana use and PTSD.

Regular customers account for roughly 85% of cannabis dispensary revenue, but aren’t being rewarded for their loyalty. Baker is trying to change that.

No, marijuana is not a gateway drug. But to fully explain why it isn’t, there a few things to consider.

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