How To Pair Wine With Weed: A Stoner’s Guide To Getting Classy

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Weed has graduated from back alleys to fancy dinner parties. It’s time to get classy and learn how to pair wine with your favorite cannabis strains.

Nov 10, 2017

Long gone are the days of hiding a clandestine one-hitter in a purse or backpack, and chugging whatever mystery liquor is lying around. Weed is a legitimate consumer good in many places; we ought to treat it as such. For the last century wine has been treated like a divine nectar, while up until recently weed was relegated to back-alley dealers and clandestine dispensaries. Now legal weed is here to change dinner parties forever.

There are innumerable ways to pair wine with food. The major skill comes from discerning what basic flavors are in play, creating wine combinations that accentuate those flavors rather than drowning them out. It’s important to remember that this is subjective and is quite literally a matter of taste.  Many delicious combinations might fly in the face logic.

Fruity Strains Go Well With Dry Reds

When it comes to wine, dryness usually refers to how sweet it is. For strains like Fruity Pebbles, Mango Kush or Strawberry Banana, a dry red will bring out the natural sweetness in the weed, while the wine will maintain a nice bite without overpowering the palate. Balance like this is key for pairings.

In the food world, people often pair fruits with acidic white wines like Chardonnay. When it comes to fruity flavored weed, white wines will layer your tastebuds with sweetness. White wine also won’t hold up with the oily and fatty flavors that come with many strains of weed. That being said, white does have plenty of uses.

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A marijuana plant is pictured as a bartender opens wine at a cannabis food event in Tacoma, Washington on July 19, 2016.
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Sweet White Wines Pair With Sour Strains

Sour Diesel is a pretty singular strain, but it’s worth mentioning how well it pairs with a good Sauvignon blanc. In general sour strains are elevated by sweet white and red wines, but white wines usually have a floral aroma to bring down the sour, and accentuate other flavors in the weed. When a taste combination is as good as sweet and sour, it’s best not to over think it.

The sweet-sour rule with white wine holds true for citrus flavors like lemon and grapefruit. White wines take a lot of the sharpness off the citrus notes.

How The Weed Burns Is Important

This is another issue ultimately left up to preference, but it’s generally true that vaping will let a smoker get more of the natural flavors that smoking will. It’s also going to change the mouth full of whatever wine, and have a pretty substantial affect on the flavor. If the source is a burning joint, a light fresh white wine may not complement the flavors in the weed, but it could be a refreshing wash of heavy smoke. If it’s a vape and a sour weed, a Cabernet Sauvignon might take on a whole new, and very bad, bitter taste.

With these general rules in mind, it’s time to get classy.

Nov 10, 2017