Panama Red: The Rare Sativa With Mellow Energy That’s Perfect For Daytime

Lovers of the classics might remember Panama Red. A mellow, uplifting flower, this landrace sativa provides an enthusiastic, sociable experience.

Apr 8, 2017

Mellow yet energizing, Panama Red is an exceptional landrace cannabis strain. While this strain tends to produce under 16 percent THC, Panama Red provides a happy and upbeat sativa high that’s worth experiencing. A friendly flower, this bud tends to inspire fits of laughter and a moderate euphoria. All in all, Panama Red is a strain for novice and experienced consumers alike.

Strain details

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Popular between the 60s and 90s, Panama Red is a classic sativa that can be a little hard to find. Kush and hybrid strains tend to dominate today’s cannabis market, and Panama Red is considered a pure sativa.

Like most sativas, this strain has a long-ish flowering time and can be difficult to cultivate indoors, which is perhaps why many growers have opted for easier, fast growing indica plants and hybrids instead.

Moderately potent, this strain produces between 10 and 16 percent THC on average. While this bud was considered quite potent back in the day, this strain has been surpassed by buds that produce between 25 and 30 percent of the psychoactive.

However, don’t let these “low” numbers fool you, Panama Red is a delightful smoke that’s worthy of a try by just about any cannabis lover.

Featuring a dank, earthy, pungent aroma, this intoxicating bud has a bit of a woody taste with hints of tropical citrus. It flowers in around 77 days and is best suited to a tropical climate.

This strain thrives outdoors, but it’s best for most growers to stick this one in a greenhouse unless this plant has plenty of access to the sun.

The Panama Red experience

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Get ready for some zip. Panama Red is an energizing strain, though it’s not as stimulating as some of the more contemporary sativa hybrids out there. Instead, this bud provides a very smooth, comfortable, and mellow energy that’s excellent for daytime consumption.

Many of today’s strains are so potent that those looking for a mild to moderate high can be a bit short on options. Panama Red is a great choice for those looking for a little uplift without too much raciness. That said, this bud does have a tendency to cause paranoia in those sensitive to THC or sativa strains.

In general, this bud provides a very talkative, cheerful high and is excellent for sharing. Unlike strains with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, this bud does provide some distinct psychoactive effects. It’s happy and sociable with some moderate euphoria, an overall great way to unwind while still accomplishing tasks throughout the day.

Why do people use Panama Red?

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Panama Red is an excellent recreational strain. Not because it is extremely powerful or mind-bending, but because it can be easily shared and is well paired with almost any kind of social activity.

This strain tends to cause fits of giggles and laughter, meaning that some fun times are ahead after a little Panama Red.

Medicinally, Panama Red is often used by those seeking relief from mental health conditions like chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. This strain is also a popular choice for medical cannabis patients battling chronic fatigue, as it often provides a calm yet energized sensation.

Apr 8, 2017