Did You See Wiz Handing Out Khalifa Kush To The Paparazzi?

Wiz Khalifa embraced the paparazzi and passed out samples of Khalifa Kush, because Wiz never goes anywhere without enough for everyone.

Oct 25, 2016

It’s tough being a celebrity. Dealing with insatiable fans, needing security everywhere you go and, of course, fighting off the paparazzi to gain even a moment of privacy. However, it seems Wiz Khalifa has found a way to not only keep the paparazzi at bay but also promote his own cannabis strain while doing so. During a recent outing in Los Angeles, the Taylor Gang leader was followed from dinner back to his car, where the photographers received a special surprise.

Pot for the paparazzi

Wiz Khalifa 1 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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After enjoying dinner at the beautiful Catch, West Hollywood, Wiz Khalifa and his lovely, scantily dressed, companion, headed back to Wiz’s silver Impala.

On the way, Wiz was spotted carrying ounce-sized bags of cannabis and a large golden grinder. Positive that he was up to something, the paparazzi quickly began their pursuit to catch up with him and see where he was going with all that cannabis.

Wiz was simply sitting in his car, preparing to roll an after-dinner joint when he rolled down his window to strike up a conversation with the surrounding photographers.

While remaining unsure why this was news, Wiz alerted the man snapping pictures that he was going to miss something way more interesting if he kept wasting his time watching Wiz.

You’re going to miss somebody else coming out of there filming me rolling weed and shit!

Wiz began handing out nuggets to the paparazzi, who continued to call his name. After the crowd began to grow, Wiz calm replied to each and every individual request,

Oh, you want some?

Because, of course, Wiz Khalifa never goes anywhere without enough kush for everyone.

The strain

Wiz Khalifa 2 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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After the paparazzi began commenting on the potency of the smell and the beauty of the buds, they started asking what strain the rapper was passing out,

Of course you can smell it! This is some good shit.

Wiz was handing out his own strain, Khalifa Kush. If you know anything about Wiz Khalifa, it is that he loves good, quality cannabis. It should come as no surprise that his strain is among the most potent available at select dispensaries.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Wiz hasn’t always been able to boast his cannabis use legally, so he welcomes the attention while in California, a state that currently allows medical cannabis for a huge range of illnesses, and will vote to legalize recreational use in November.

By passing out his cannabis to in the inquisitive paparazzi, not only was Wiz enhancing their night by delivering great photos and an even better high, he was promoting his own strain.

The paparazzi are not always treated so nicely. Many celebrities brush them away and scurry to avoid their prying lenses. Wiz, on the other hand, welcomed the publicity and seized the opportunity to spread his love for cannabis. This epic “caught on camera” moment is likely not one these cameramen will forget anytime soon.

Oct 25, 2016