Pineapple: A Tropical Treat That Will Soothe & Delight You

Pineapple certainly doesn’t compare to a week-long tropical vacation, but it is surprisingly fruity and relaxing, and a great strain for sharing.

Jan 11, 2017

Pineapple is an all around solid hybrid strain. Indica-dominant, potent, and featuring an absolutely delicious flavor and aroma, this is a great bud that deserves more recognition. Recreational consumers will appreciate the sociable and easygoing qualities of the herb. Yet, this tropical plant is powerful enough to provide relief from muscle spasms and pain.

Strain details

Pineapple An Upbeat 1 Legal Cannabis Sales Are Booming More Than The Dot Com Era
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Pineapple is actually an F2 phenotype of the superb Ed Rosenthal Super Bud (ERSB) strain. ERSB was bred by Sensi Seeds in honor of cannabis activist and expert Ed Rosenthal. ESRB is a hybrid that produces a delicate balance of indica and sativa effects, and superior breeding is evident in this strain. Pineapple, however, is an indica-dominant variation of ERSB.

Featuring THC levels between 16 and 26%, this is one potent flower. The aroma of this strain is equally intoxicating, producing a strong tropical aroma. Pineapple, fresh citrus, sweetness, and an ever-so-slight musk make up the fragrance of this strain.

An earthiness may shine through on the inhale, but, in general, the fruity taste of this strain shines through.

As a potent hybrid, Pineapple is recommended for experienced consumers. Novice consumers may find this strain to be more sedative than anticipated.

The Pineapple experience

Pineapple An Upbeat 2 Legal Cannabis Sales Are Booming More Than The Dot Com Era
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This is a delightful strain with powerful yet manageable effects. Slightly indica-dominant, this strain produces sleepy and mellow effects. The physical effects are not strong enough to leave you stuck on the couch, but the strain does provide a solid amount of deep relaxation and ease.

The hybrid heritage of Pineapple provides a nice balance for the indica effects of this strain. Pineapple is sociable, talkative, and friendly. Those venturing out to a happy hour or venturing out for a fun event with family and friends will enjoy the contented nature of this herb.

Plus, it often causes the munchies, making food more fun and delicious.

If you’re trying to do anything in a hurry, Pineapple may not be your strain. Some find that it’s easy to get lost in long conversations or aimless yet entertaining meandering around the store. It may be possible to get a chore or two finished while under the influence of Pineapple, but social activities may seem more enticing.

Why do people use Pineapple?

Pineapple An Upbeat 3 Legal Cannabis Sales Are Booming More Than The Dot Com Era
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Pineapple is not recommended for events with lots of physical activity. The effects of this flower tend to be much too subdued and laid back for strenuous exercise or lots of excitement. Anyone really looking for a thrill should opt for a  sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid instead.

Rather, this is the perfect strain for an easygoing evening, when you’re ready to relax but not quite ready to call it a night. Similarly, medical cannabis patients often pick it up for afternoon and evening relief from physical and mental health ailments.

Pineapple is popular among those experiencing chronic pain and muscle spasms. The indica effects of this hybrid are strong enough to soothe the body, which is a nice find in a hybrid strain. Those with depression and stress-related conditions also tend to enjoy the strain’s upbeat and all-around happy effects.

Jan 11, 2017