Pink Berry: The Pretty Pink Indica Perfect For Date-Night Romance

Pink Berry is a rare indica that has a scrumptious blackberry and floral flavor and smooth, relaxing effects, perfect for date night!

Mar 24, 2017

Pink Berry is a rare indica hybrid with firm OG genetics. Featuring a scrumptious blend of berry and floral aromas, Pink Berry is a delight to the senses. Arousing, mellow, and upbeat, this strain is a laidback way to add a little sweet romance to your day or simply to kick back and unwind.

Strain details

Pink Berry The 1 10 Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Weed
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Pink Berry is an indica cross of Pink Champagne and Blackberry by Apothecary Genetics. This strain was a limited edition creation and features beautiful buds with dusky, rose pink coloration. Unfortunately, as a limited edition strain, Pink Berry is a rare find. When available, this strain can fetch some top-shelf prices.

Cannabis connoisseurs are in luck. Pink Berry features a particularly delicious flavor and aroma, with a ripe blackberry fragrance and creamy, herbal quality that makes this strain an excellent post-dinner treat. This is a strain that is enjoyed slowly, like a bourbon or a specialty liquor.

This strain isn’t the strongest on the shelf, but it still produces a sedative and comfortable body high. The THC level of this strain averages around 16 percent, making this a moderately potent bud. Both new and experienced consumers will enjoy the craftsmanship behind this bud.

The Pink Berry experience

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Pink Berry is a calm and relaxed flower. Unlike other strains classified as indica, this strain is not overwhelmingly sedative. Rather, it produces a nice easy vibe that is perfect for kicking back and enjoying the day. It’s a little drowsy, which is why it is recommended as an afternoon strain.

Though sleep will come easily after a little taste, the experience from this strain is manageable and upbeat overall. It won’t be difficult to hold a conversation at a local happy hour or perhaps even get some work done on a creative project or some mellow work.

Great for those who experience a little social anxiety, this strain is tranquilizing and happy. In moderation, Pink Berry provides a euphoric mental boost that combats stress and cultivates a positive sense of well-being. This strain also has a reputation for encouraging arousal, making it a good choice for a date or a romantic evening at home.

Why do people use Pink Berry?

Pink Berry The 3 10 Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Weed
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Pink Berry would be an excellent strain for entertaining. Not too potent, sweet, and easygoing, this bud would pair perfectly with either a dry or sweet wine and a scrumptious dessert. With its calming and mild-mannered effects, this strain is sure to wow guests of all types and send them home satisfied.

Medical cannabis patients report that Pink Berry is helpful for the management of chronic pain and inflammation. This strain is also beloved amongst patients seeking relief from mental health ailments such as depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and mood management.

Some samples of this strain may contain up to 5 or 6 percent CBD. The buds contain CBD so would be especially useful for patients who need fast relief from anxiety symptoms. However, in higher doses, Pink Berry may increase anxiety in some individuals.

Mar 24, 2017