Guys. You Can FINALLY Get Paid To Play Pokemon Go

Do you have the skills to get paid to play Pokemon Go? One company is offering the ultimate job, if you have the skills.

Aug 12, 2016

The only thing better than doing what you love is getting paid to do it. Paid passions often bring to mind artists and creative types or humanitarian aid workers. But in a world gone wireless, almost anything can earn a paycheck. The latest world craze, Pokemon Go, is no exception. Now, one company is offering players the opportunity to cash in on their monster managing skills.

Paid to play?

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An ad on the Singapore version of Funzing says,

We’re looking for an enthusiastic Pokemon (c) Master for the FIRST EVER Pokemon Job in the world. If you’re a Pokemon fanatic, and you’re always out on an adventure catching them all, WE WANT YOU!

If this describes you or perhaps a friend you know who would be suitable for this job scope, drop us a message! Selected Candidates will get recruited and get PAID to play Pokemon go!

From safari hunters to Animal Control, catching wild beasts has always been lucrative. But when the beasts are virtual, how do you cash in? Details are sparse at the moment, but Funzing has branches in big cities around the world and seems legit.

Leveling up for lucrative loot

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Over the past several years, with the advent of online gaming, a new career for consummate gamers has risen. Not everyone has the time or Cheeto stash to bring their characters to epic level greatness. For those with the money to compensate, some gamers will devote hours of expertise to doing it for you.

Some profiles and accounts built by gamers sell for thousands of dollars. Going OP is the only way to go. After all, why do all the hard work yourself, when you can start off at the top for a bit of cash? In a world of gaming where all the cool extras either come with hard work or a swipe of a swipe of a card, instant gratification wins.

What does the job entail?

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According to the website, Funzing wants to create a culture around Pokemon Go in Singapore that sounds pretty neat. The position goes to the lucky winner of their Pokemon Master Audition, and involves 3 months of work.

Catching Pokemons, Training others on a daily basis, teaching secrets and tips and hosting lure parties, walks, raves and experiences.

So if you live in the area, and have the skills, why not battle for the ultimate job leading Pokemon hunters on an immersive group-gaming experience? Just don’t lead anyone to a dead body.

What is Funzing?

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With offices in London, Tel Aviv, and Singapore, Funzing is a company taking personal passions to a new level. Do you like yoga, cooking, biking or photography? Anything you can geek out over, they have a group activity for. Their website states,

We are a passionate community of people who share a love of creating and attending unique, intimate experiences in our free time. Funzing hosts are regular people who have interests, passions and skills they’re just bursting to share with others.

Join us at one of our fantastic experiences right on your doorstep. Open your mind, enrich your leisure time and meet new friends.

It sounds like the perfect marriage of Liberal Arts and electives meeting community activities.

What would you host a class teaching others in? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.

Aug 12, 2016