Pot Of Gold: The Hard-Hitting Indica With Sky High THC Levels

Pot of Gold is sweet, skunky, and sedative. Some buds can feature up to 27 percent THC, making this indica strain extremely strong.

Mar 22, 2017

Another winning Netherlands original,  Pot of Gold is a pungent strain with a sedative bite. This sleepy indica strain can knock out pain and cause a rumble in your stomach, but the experience is happy and euphoric overall. Hoping to wind down? Pot of Gold is the perfect strain for a quiet, weekday evening.

Strain details

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Pot of Gold is a Hindu Kush and Skunk No. 1 cross bred by Flying Dutchman. Classified as an indica strain, Pot of Gold features a strong, sedative high that will put you in a jolly good mood. An award winning strain from the early 2000s, this strain won second prize at the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

Recommended for experienced consumers, Pot of Gold buds can be extremely potent. Sometimes, this strain produces up to 27 percent THC. With a number like this, this strain can make novice consumers extremely drowsy or hazy. Rumor has it, Pot of Gold was one of a few strains released amongst 500 different breeding projects.

Aroma-wise, Pot of Gold features a delicious hash aroma with some delightful notes of sweet fruit. Overall, this strain can have a bit of a dank, skunky odor, very powerful and intoxicating. Buds from this strain tend to be a medium to light green and are considered oversized.

The Pot of Gold experience

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Though it may sound sunny and bright, Pot of Gold is a nighttime strain. A sedative hybrid, this strain can cause heavy lids and dreary eyes. The high levels of THC in this bud mean that you can count on a powerful, mind-bending experience. Though drowsy, Pot of Gold is known to provide a strong sense of euphoric uplift.

Prepping some snacks or having dinner plans is recommended for this strain. Pot of Gold is famous for causing a bad case of the munchies. Excellent for those who need a little help maintaining appetite, this strain is one to pick up right before a happy hour or a holiday feast.

Considered a fairly classic indica experience, Pot of Gold is best for folks searching for the in-the-couch, body-heavy sensation that cannabis sometimes causes. This strain is not likely to improve focus or concentration, rather this Pot of Gold will help you relax, unwind, and forget the concerns of the day.

Why do people used Pot of Gold?

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Recreationally, Pot of Gold is a great strain for chilling out after a long day. It’s also frequently used by people who struggle to get to sleep or are seeking some heavy relief after a hangover.

This is a great sweatpants and Netflix kind of bud, great to break out if you’re feeling a little under the weather or need a mental health day.

Medical cannabis patients often love Pot of Gold for chronic pain management. The high from this strain is body-numbing. It also produces a mental haziness that makes it easier to forget about your pain and focus on something more enjoyable, like a comedy.

Some patients with mental health conditions also like Pot of Gold for stress management and relief from depression. This strain provides an upbeat, happy mood overall. When you’re in need for some serious tranquilization and a decent dose of happy, Pot of Gold is your strain.

Mar 22, 2017