Turns Out Prince Was Epic At Basketball In Real Life

The “Game, Blouses” skit from the Chappelle’s Show, raised eyebrows because no one could ever imagine Prince playing ball.

Jul 29, 2016

If you’re a fan of the Chappelle’s Show, the “Game, Blouses” skit probably rings a bell. Of all the best skits in history, this one is by far the most legendary. The True Hollywood Story parody features Charlie Murphy discussing how Prince schooled him on the basketball court. Additionally, how the Purple One made him pancakes after. In a nutshell, it’s hilarious and a must-see. However, the skit did manage to raise some eyebrows, being that no one could ever imagine the Artist Formerly Known As playing ball. On the contrary, it turns out that he was epic at basketball in real life. 

Prince is the new Spud Webb

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There’s no denying that “Game, Blouses” is outstandingly funny, but there’s also plenty of reasons to believe that it is nothing more than an act. Some of us realize that the musician could play, but still, imagining him destroying a bunch of hardcore jocks during a game of intense basketball while wearing club clothes just doesn’t seem legit.

However, July 27, 2016, is a historic day to remember, because one of the people that played in the game has confirmed Murphy’s story. Micki Free aka “the new cat in Shalamar”- as mentioned by Murphy in the skit- had a sit-down with Jerry Bembry of The Undefeated and confirmed that the skit was indeed accurate and that Prince was insanely good.

Everything in that skit is true, I played in that game. And Prince was Steph Curry all m—–f—— night!

Prince wasn’t just some famous dude who was breaking ankles of other nonathletic famous dudes in late-night runs. Prince could actually play, a guy who might have been an impact high school basketball player under different circumstances while growing up in Minneapolis.

During the first possession, Free mentioned that Prince hit a Curry-like step back from three. In addition to comparing him to Curry, Free also took a step back and said that his game was similar to that of another point guard. According to Free, Prince was Spud Webb without the ups. In the same fashion, he was short, quick, and a great passer.

He wore what to the game?!

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Despite Free’s confirmation to Prince being a basketball star, there was some inaccuracy displayed in the skit. The game was said to be 5-on-5. However, it was a 3-on-3. Free said the teams included him, Prince, and his half-brother against Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy (OMG!), and their uncle, Ray.

So, yes, in case you were wondering, the famous basketball game in which the musician demolished Charlie Murphy did include the younger Murphy brother.

Ultimately, Free seems to confirm all to be true, except Prince saying “Games, Blouses.”. He claims that their attire is also realistically portrayed in the skit, and even mentioned that he wore six-inch heels. Most important of all, Free confirmed that once the game was over, Prince invited the crew inside, and they all enjoyed blueberry pancakes made and served by his personal chef.

What did you think of the “Games, Blouses” skit? Did you know that Prince was insanely good at basketball? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

Jul 29, 2016