Princess Leia: The Force Is Strong In This Powerful Hybrid

True to the spirit of Princess Leia, this strain is confident, strong-willed, and calm. An excellent way to pay homage to a beloved cultural icon.

Dec 29, 2016

While the original Leia, beloved actress and writer Carrie Fisher is no longer with us,  the world-famous character lives on in the hearts and minds of Star Wars fans around the world. Now, the legacy of Princess Leia lives on in the cannabis scene as well. Princess Leia is one of the newest members of the Star Wars strain family. Princess Leia is a surprisingly powerful strain that promotes an upbeat, clear-headed vibe. It’s easy to get stuff done when the Princess is around.

Strain details

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There are a few different strains with the title of Princess Leia. One rising variety is a cross between Death Star and Space Jill. Other crosses include Cinderella 99 and Lemon Alien Dawg and Cinderella 99 and Venkman OG.

All varieties are slightly sativa-dominant and provide an upbeat, cerebral high accompanied by physical relaxation.

Princess Leia’s strength is not to be underestimated. While this strain is pleasant and friendly, this bud’s mind-bending nature can send you on a galactic journey when used in high doses.

However, in moderate doses, Princess Leia is an excellent daytime strain useful for getting things done.

The aroma of this strain varies depending on the lineage. The Death Star X Space Queen cross is said to have a musky fruit aroma with hints of earthy hash. The Lemon Alien Dawg variety expresses hints of lemon and sharp pine.

Unfortunately, Princess Leia strains are found in more regionally and have not been popularized yet. This means that coming across this royal lady is a real treat.

Another Leia strain can be found under the name Leia OG, which was bred by Gage Green Seeds.

The Princess Leia experience

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The overall effect of Princess Leia depends heavily on what variety is available. In general, it is happy, upbeat, mellow, and relaxing.

However, one thing is certain. This is a strain for a mission. Whether it’s running errands or cleaning up the house, this strain is energetic enough to help you accomplish goals with calm pleasure.

It’s easy to smile while in the company of Princess Leia. This strain provides a functional and clear-headed high. The Princess is also thought to be a sociable strain, encouraging laughter and a sense of peaceful contentment and well-being.

The indica traits in nearly any Princess Leia variety are slight and easygoing. This hybrid won’t leave you stuck on the couch, however, it certainly isn’t hard to kick back and relax after a few tastes of this strain.

Anyone who is searching for a lively daytime bud that doesn’t cause raciness or too much sedation will likely enjoy some time with the Princess.

Why do people use Princess Leia

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Princess Leia is an excellent strain for going out on the town or spending time with loved ones. When the weather is nice enough, this happy flower is a great one to take outside and enjoy the fresh air.

All in all, this is an excellent general purpose strain to have around. When plagued by chronic stress, the Princess will step in and save the day.

The charming attitude and moderate physical relief that Princess Leia provides makes this a great medical cannabis strain. Those experiencing chronic fatigue or struggling with depression may enjoy the mood-boost and energy this strain provides.

While the effects of a pure sativa can be compared to a strong cup of coffee, Princess Leia is more like a black or green tea.

Dec 29, 2016