This Company Will Turn Your Old Skateboards Into Electric Guitars

Forget about chucking those broken decks in the trash. Prism Guitars in San Francisco will make you an electric guitar from your broken skateboards.

Jun 20, 2017

Forget about chucking those broken decks in the trash, as there is a craftsman in San Francisco that will make you an electric guitar from your broken skateboards.

This artist upcycles old skateboards into electric guitars

In San Francisco, Nick Pourfard found a way to combine three interests into a living, which quickly became a business. The three interests are skateboarding, music and reusing everyday items.

The resulting business is Prisma Guitars, which turns old skateboards into guitars.

In the aftermath of a skating accident that left him with an immobilizing injury, Pourfard established what would become Prisma Guitars, to help keep him busy and make use of all the broken skateboard decks he had laying around. Now, seven years on, it is an actual business.

Before that, I was just selling one-offs here and there. I didn’t have a name. It was just a hobby until I decided it was time to take it to the next level.

During that time, Pourfard has built over 200 guitars, which he averages at a rate of three or four each month. Although he loosely bases his designs off some of the more established guitar shapes, such as Fender Offsets and Telecasters, Pourfard ensures that each one is different than the last. That is helped with the swirl of different colors that are seen through the bodies, which is one of the unique features of the guitars.

Prism Guitars

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While the look is one thing, the guitar gearheads out there will be happy to learn that these upcycled guitars are built to order, so the owner can choose which pickup and switching configurations they want to use.

But those who are interested in buying one off the rack, the team at Prisma Guitars only use the highest quality components, working with renowned pickup builders.

For those who want a truly custom guitar, yes, you can have one made from your own skateboards. Check out the Prism Guitars website for more details.

Jun 20, 2017