Purple Urkle: The Classic Indica For Relaxation And Pain Relief

Need a powerful yet friendly indica to help you fall asleep? Here’s why Purple Urkle is one of the best classic indicas around.

Aug 26, 2017

Purple Urkle has been a popular selection for over three decades. There’s a good reason why this flower will go down in the cannabis hall of fame. Featuring a delicious grape-like flavor and aroma and purple coloration, this strain has some serious shelf appeal. On top of that, Purple Urkle is a hypnotic and deeply relaxing indica that makes it easy to relax and unwind. Here’s why Purple Urkle is one of the best classic indicas around.

Strain details

Purple Urkle is one mysterious flower. Though Purple Urkle has been around since the 1980s, not much is known about this strain’s lineage or history. Many growers assume that Purple Urkle is an offspring of Granddaddy Purple or Mendocino Purps, two famous indica cultivars. However, after years of interbreeding, the only way to get a true read on this one is through genetic testing of multiple samples.

By contemporary standards, this strain may not always be the most potent on the shelf. However, it can still pack a punch. When grown with expert care, this lovely lady can produce between 16 and 26 percent THC. That’s enough to give even experienced consumers a strong cannabis experience.

The strain is beloved for its sweet and grape-like aroma. It’s not uncommon to hear the comment that this strain even smells purple, with a distinct berry-like aroma that is nicely complemented by an earthy underbelly. This strain can also feature a bit of a skunky pungency, giving it a tropical feel.

The Purple Urkle experience

Purple Urkle The 1 How To Make Delicious Cannabis Infused Chocolate Crepes
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If you’re hoping to wind down and loosen up, this strain is your gal. This crystal-coated flower has euphoric and hypnotic qualities, helping you settle in for a relaxing evening or weekend. Best saved for the evening, Purple Urkle is known for its drowsy and sedative effects. This flower is sleepy, and you’ll likely find yourself letting out a yawn or two as the Purple Urkle experience continues.

Be prepared for some couch-lock from this intoxicating flower. This is a strain to pick up when you have nothing to do and you’re in need of some quiet time. A perfect choice for a movie or series marathon, this strain will help you stay relaxed and in it for the long haul. Having some snacks on hand will be beneficial before partaking. There is no doubt that this strain can make you hungry.

On the negative side of things, this strain can cause some dizziness and anxiety in large doses. However, Purple Urkle provides a deeply calming and uplifting experience overall. While the effects of this bud are mostly felt in the body, it does provide a happy and upbeat mental experience that can inspire a smile after times of stress.

Why do people use Purple Urkle?

Purple Urkle The 2 How To Make Delicious Cannabis Infused Chocolate Crepes
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Recreationally, this strain makes a great choice for solo smoking after a long day of work. While cannabis lovers will certainly appreciate sharing Purple Urkle, the tranquilizing nature of this strain makes it perhaps more appropriate for more introverted activities.

This flower would also be a good choice for relaxing with loved ones at the end of the day. This strain is a great after-dinner treat, though keep in mind that you’ll likely want some midnight snacks.

Medical cannabis consumers often pick up Purple Urkle when they’re in need of some serious medicine. This strain is beloved as a remedy for insomnia and chronic stress. If you struggle to get to sleep, many find that a few puffs of Purple Urkle can quickly remedy the situation.

The Purple Urkle strain is also popular among those with chronic pain. The deep body relaxation this strain provides can be soothing, relaxing sore muscles and easing tension.

Aug 26, 2017