Purple Wreck: This Top-Shelf Fruity Indica Is Perfect For Microdosing

With up to 25 percent THC and a fruity, tropical taste, Purple Wreck is a beautiful strain that provides an experience unlike any other.

May 17, 2017

Featuring deep, forest green coloration with purple accents, Purple Wreck is a strain to behold. Potent, fruit-scented, and heavy, this bud is some top-notch cannabis. The lineage of this flower stems from two legendary strains, so it’s not surprising that Purple Wreck has inherited such a notable taste, aroma, and overall effect. Microdose this bud during the day, and lean in hard for a nighttime experience that will knock you right out.

Strain details

Purple Wreck is a beautiful purple flower bred by DNA Genetics. A cross between Purple Urkle and Trainwreck, this bud is considered an indica-dominant hybrid. Purple Urkle is one of the most famous California indicas around. Trainwreck is perhaps an equally esteemed strain, known for its potent, yet upbeat high.

The combination created Purple Wreck, which is estimated to be 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa. This strain has inherited the ability to produce large amounts of THC. Like many of DNA Genetics’ strains, this crystal-coated bud can produce between 18 and 25 percent of the psychoactive.

These impressive numbers are a good sign that this is a strain for experienced consumers. Novices might find themselves a little paranoid or anxious after high doses of this strain.

Purple Wreck has inherited some truly delicious flavors and fragrances. Sweet and juicy, it smells like a bowl full of fruit. This lady has a notable grape aroma with a tropical kick. The smooth taste and delightful scent of this bud is sure to make it a top-shelf pick and an impressive tag along at a social event.

The Purple Wreck experience

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If daydreaming is your thing, you’ll love Purple Wreck. Thoughtful and creative, this bud provides a jolly, upbeat mood. However, this uplifting high is coupled with a deep, slow, and substantial body relaxation. It’s not uncommon for consumers to find themselves slow-moving and blissed out after a few puffs of this powerful strain.

Experienced consumers might find that just a little bit of this flower, a microdose perhaps, can make for a very pleasant daytime experience. However, the longer you keep going, the more you can expect to find yourself glued to the sofa. The sedative qualities of this strain shine through in larger quantities, inspiring some heavy lids and a yawn or two.

If you plan on sitting down with this bud for a while, it would be helpful to have some snacks on hand. Perhaps thanks to the high-THC in this strain, Purple Wreck is known to contribute to a gnarly case of the munchies. In lighter doses, this Purple Wreck would be a perfect and impressive treat to share before a happy hour.

Why do people use Purple Wreck?

Purple Wreck Strain 2 6 Totally Relatable Things If You Spend More Than $30 Weekly On Weed
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Purple Wreck is an afternoon to nighttime strain. On the recreational side, this bud can promote a sociable vibe if used in moderation. However, this strain will likely cause you to mumble and space out in large doses, making it an ideal way to wind down for bed in the evening.

For the most part, pick up Purple Wreck when you’re in the mood for some seated rest and relaxation.

Medical cannabis patients often appreciate the body-numbing and anti-inflammatory effects of Purple Wreck. This strain is popular among those with chronic pain, as it provides a very heavy, full-bodied sensation.

Perhaps the next most common reason patients try this bud is for relief from insomnia. High THC strains often help patients fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, and Purple Wreck is no exception.

Those sensitive to THC-induced anxiety may want to avoid Purple Wreck. This bud has the tendency to cause paranoia, but those that handle THC well may find that moderate doses of this strain are quite calming, euphoric, and worry-free. Patients with headaches, migraine, and depression may also enjoy the soothing and good-natured effects of Purple Wreck.

May 17, 2017