These New Rapid-Release Edibles Will Get You High In 15 Minutes

Gone are the days of waiting around for edibles to take hold. Rapid-release edibles are changing the way cannabis lovers consume.

Jun 2, 2017

The cannabis legalization movement in finally hitting the world of edibles. As new research is being conducted every day, some companies are perfecting what they call “rapid delivery” edibles. These new treats have the potential to change the face of edibles and help ease them into the mainstream. Consumers won’t be waiting hours for the effects to take hold. Instead, they’ll be able to enjoy the benefits much more quickly, making edibles an option for a widening variety of social settings.

Intense effects without the wait

New Rapid Delivery 1 Marijuana Moms Are Sick Of Being Judged By Alcohol Drinkers
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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying a quality edible, you’re probably aware that it can take some time for the effects to kick in. This is because THC must first be digested by the stomach before entering the small intestines, where the chemical can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Once in the bloodstream, the high begins to be felt. However, when the edibles do finally start to take hold, it’s best to hang on for an intense ride of varying levels of an all-consuming high.

New advancements in the cannabis world have allowed edible producers to perfect the method and create quick-action treats. Last year, 1906, an edibles company based in Colorado, was the first to introduce this type of fast-acting edible.

After conducting research, the company created a proprietary lipid microencapsulation process. Basically, they’ve found a way to keep the THC trapped inside the edibles, so that it bypasses the stomach and reaches the small intestine more quickly. 1906 says the effects of the edibles can be felt in 15-20 minutes.

Peter Barsoom, the founder of 1906, says not only is it faster, but it also allows more THC to enter the bloodstream than traditional treats. He knows the market has a demand for these rapid-release edibles, too.

People don’t have six hours to set aside for a date with an edible.

Socializing edibles

New Rapid Delivery 3 Marijuana Moms Are Sick Of Being Judged By Alcohol Drinkers
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Aside from the obvious benefits of a quicker high, these new edibles also have the potential to bring cannabis to more social settings. Sometimes, smoking is not always a viable option at a party or gathering, but if consumers can discretely eat a rapid-delivery edible, they’ll be more likely to enjoy themselves and the party.

This kind of appropriation helps to bring cannabis into the mainstream and maybe introduce some people to the world of cannabis that might have otherwise never been exposed. It’s a way to start conversations and spread the vast amount of knowledge and research that surrounds the world of cannabis.

Michael Devlin, co-founder of Zoots Premium Cannabis Infusions, sees great potential for this rapid delivery method. He believes the edibles could take the place of alcohol in many social settings. For those who don’t want to drink or don’t feel comfortable smoking, this new delivery method will offer a viable option for everyone.

Consumption events will be nearly identical to those of alcohol, which will further help cannabis fit within the fabric of our culture.

Gone are the days of waiting around for edibles to take hold. With this new rapid-release option, consumers will be able to get the high they’re after much more quickly and efficiently.

Jun 2, 2017