High Sex: Understand Exactly How Cannabis Can Affect Your Sex Life

Is sex better when you’re high? Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for millennia. Here’s why the herb makes sex so phenomenal.

Feb 14, 2017 - Anna Wilcox

It’s easy to melt into a state of bliss after a few puffs of your favorite herb. Cannabis has a knack for inspiring a tingly body sensation and a deep sense of ease, making it the perfect enhancer for just about any pleasurable activity. Now, combining some euphoric cannabis with a little bit of sex? What could possibly be a better combination than high sex? The herb has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Yet, to really make the most out of this pleasure-enhancing flower, there are a few things you need to know. Before taking the plant into the bedroom, here is the ultimate guide for understanding exactly how cannabis can affect your sex life.

Is High Sex Better?

When consumed correctly, there are few things that compare to the experience of high sex. As the legendary Bob Marley once said, “when you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” Merging that state of self-connectedness with sexual union, the ultimate act of intimacy, is bound to make for more than a simple role in the hay.

High sex, however, can also have its downsides. Over-indulging in the plant can quickly transform sexy time into bedtime. Some people may also find that the plant makes them more self-conscious or anxious, especially when the mood isn’t quite right. To get to the bottom of whether or not sex and weed is actually a well-made match, we’ve considered just about every possible scenario. Here’s what research and experience have to say about the pros and cons of high sex.

Pleasure and Bliss

Hoping to enhance feelings of pleasure? The herb may help.

Cannabis triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that allows you to feel pleasure and reward. The release of dopamine is thought to contribute to the euphoric feeling of a cannabis high. More dopamine means bonus pleasure sensations for pretty much everything you do after consuming cannabis.

Sex, of course, also gives a major dopamine boost. Cannabis plus sex is like a double whammy, there’s a surge of euphoria and happiness from the herb, and another from the amazing experience you share with your partner.

Interestingly, the primary psychoactive in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), replaces another important pleasure molecule in the body. THC takes the place of anandamide, which just happens to be delightfully nicknamed “the bliss molecule.”

Researchers are still puzzled over exactly what anandamide does in the body. Though, it is known to calm anxiety and cause general feelings of relaxation, bliss, and ease. Why wouldn’t you want to combine that with sex?

Cannabis May Help Sexual Dysfunction

Having trouble getting in the mood?

Cannabis elixirs and topical treatments were used in ancient times as potential treatments for impotence and other sexual health problems. Now, research from 2013 suggests that cannabis may be able to help men with erectile dysfunction brought on by high cholesterol.

Unfortunately, the study, published in Clinical Development and Immunology was performed in mice and not in humans. However, researchers found that the active components in cannabis, called cannabinoids, may protect blood vessels from damage and improve the low blood flow caused by high cholesterol.

According to the study, cannabis compounds may improve sexual functioning in men by triggering a certain cell receptor in the penis, the CB2 receptor. Activating this receptor reduced stress in the tissue and exhibited protective effects.

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can both put a serious damper on bedroom activity. If your mental state is making it a bit difficult to feel sexy, a taste or two of cannabis can help you unwind, mellow out, and go with the flow.

Dopamine isn’t only the pleasure molecule. The neurotransmitter also promotes focus and attention. Pleasure, bliss, and attention together can help some people let loose and enjoy the present moment. For many, sativa strains tend to promote focus more than indica strains.

Indica strains tend to be a little more sleepy and hazy, making it difficult to pay attention. Though, indicas are great for those in need of some serious physical relaxation before the big event.

Sativa strains, however, are mentally energizing and are thought to improve concentration for some. This can help you really take the time to focus on the sensations made by you and your partner.


This one is for the ladies. Though some argue that cotton vagina is a real thing, cannabis may help increase arousal fluid. Turns out, the vagina produces a few different kinds of fluids.

While researchers suspect that cannabis may hinder the release of certain types of fluids, like cervical fluid, the may also increase blood flow to the vagina.

Cannabis is a vasodilator, meaning that it opens blood vessels. When ladies become aroused, blood vessels in the vagina relax and cause swelling. This swelling then causes a type of sweating; water and protein to leak out between capillaries in the mucous membrane and cause wetness when you’re aroused.

This is one reason cannabis-infused lubes are suspected to be so successful. Check out this article on how you can make your own.


Here’s where the impacts of cannabis on sex drive may get tricky. If early science is any indication, the herb may cause sex drive to fluctuate.

The influence of cannabis on testosterone is complicated and is the subject of much debate. However, rodent studies from the early 1980s give some good guesses as to what the herb may be doing to the body. One study found that shortly after consuming cannabis, testosterone spikes.

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is important for both male and female libido. When consumed in moderate amounts, early research suggests that  THC may testosterone spikes for about a half an hour. In rodent research, this spike was followed by a testosterone crash before the hormone balanced to normal levels.

This suggests that cannabis may cause fluctuations in sex drive, perhaps including some moments of spiked libido early on. After a while, though, it may be more difficult to get in the mood. However, stronger research in humans is needed to validate these claims.

Enhanced Sensory Perception

Humans respond to scent signals without realizing it all the time. Rodent research has shown that cannabis may stimulate the olfactory bulb, heightening your sense of smell while you’re high. In studies, rodents under the influence of cannabis demonstrated an improved sense of smell that led them to food.

The herb may also change the way that your eyes take in light. This means that colors and objects may seem a little brighter and more vibrant. These heightened sensations can make for some extra fun times in the bedroom. Coupled with the boosts in attention and pleasure, a little cannabis can make for an all-around sensational time with your loved ones.

Cannabis is Officially an Aphrodisiac

A review published in January of 2017 confirmed that cannabis is, indeed, an aphrodisiac. The review combed through the available evidence on the subject and found that 70 percent of consumers reported increased sexual performance after using the plant. In fact, the majority of people had some sort of “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.”

Both women and men reported equal amounts of satisfaction with the herb, improving the sexual experience for the majority of people all-around. Sure, clinical investigations may not be able to pinpoint just why cannabis puts people in a lovemaking kind of mood, but that doesn’t stop cannabis fans from using the herb for some nighttime inspiration.

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Cannabis Users Have Sex More Often

This one makes complete sense, because sex and weed, especially with the right partner, can be mind-blowingly good. An in-depth study from the Archives of Sexual Behavior on how alcohol and weed impact sex found some couples want “more sex after the first sexual episode on marijuana.” That implies it was pretty damned good the first time.

A large 2017 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine strongly suggests that regular cannabis use may increase sexual drive. People who used weed had 20 percent more sex than those who did not—and this applied to both genders.

“Marijuana use is independently associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair sexual function,” the team, led by Dr. Andrew J. Sun and Dr. Michael L. Eisenberg, concluded. “A positive association between marijuana use and sexual frequency is seen in men and women across all demographic groups.”

Cannabis Users are More Picky About Their Partners

Interestingly, according to the Archives of Sexual Behavior study, whereas alcohol tends to make people less picky about their sexual partners, weed has the opposite effect. After alcohol, consumers experienced more post-sex regret. Even in cases where people said cannabis turned them on—or even just made them want to talk more—they tended to be more selective about who they wanted to be around.

“Weed goggles,” in other words, can have the converse effect of “beer goggles,” for most of us.

Sexual Partners are Aplenty

According to a 2010 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, cannabis users have more sexual partners than those who don’t consume the herb. In fact, women that say they smoke often are likely to have two or more partners in the past year.

However, men are twice as likely to have two or more partners no matter how much they consume. With that said, you can put on that bedroom crown now guys.

Cannabis Lowers Inhibitions and Promotes Attraction

Many stoners report that weed makes them more relaxed, helping to lower sexual inhibitions. Reducing anxiety can have very positive effects on your sex life.

Sex and weed can enhance physical sensations. Many users report their sense of touch is heightened. In a survey of 133 women, 63 percent of respondents reported that cannabis enhanced their sexual pleasure. 16 percent found that the herb killed their libido.

In another study published the Journal of Sex Research in 1983, two-thirds of participants reported that cannabis heightened their sexual pleasure. Half of the participants suggested that they felt more attracted to a partner that they knew after partaking in little cannabis.

Sex and Weed can Mean More, and Longer, Orgasms

Let’s imagine for a moment that your perception of time has been slowed down by cannabis. Let’s additionally imagine that you’re having an orgasm. Get the picture? For most of us, an orgasm that seems to last much longer than usual is certainly not going to be a problem.

A few women report that weed can make it more difficult to orgasm, because of a certain lack of focus, according to the Archives study. But many more say sex and weed make the big “O” easier, due to lowered inhibitions, increased relaxation, and heightened sensuality.

Dosage is Important When it Comes to Sex and Weed

As with cannabis use in general, your dosage is an extremely important consideration when looking at the herb’s sexual effects. If you take a couple hits, the tendency of marijuana to reduce inhibitions can be ideal. But when consumed in larger quantities, the aforementioned lack of focus can become a factor for both men and women.

The “cottonmouth” dehydration experienced by many users may extend to other body parts, including the vagina, in sufficient doses. That means lubrication can become an issue when very high.

Finding the right dosage may be especially important for men. Interestingly, a study on “Cannabis Use and Sexual Health” found that occasional consumption resulted in greater sexual pleasure. For those who use the herb on a daily basis, however, the cannabis habit was associated with an increased difficulty in reaching orgasm.

Men who consumed daily were more likely to orgasm too slowly, too quickly, or to struggle with orgasming at all. Women didn’t have this problem.

There’s another good reason to pay attention to your dosage on date night too. If you consume too much cannabis in too short a time, nap time can come a little too soon. Don’t be the one who rolls over and falls asleep when there’s more fun to be had.

Weed is a Turn On

The “forbidden” aspect of sex and weed can facilitate intimacy between partners, the Archives of Sexual Behavior study found. Indulging in one mild “taboo” with another person can lead to breaking others.

You know that overwhelming feeling of happiness you get when firing up your favorite strain? Well, why not pair that joy with a little bedroom play? Though cannabis tends to increase arousal more so for women than men, men also experience increased desire when using marijuana. Anyone can just have sex, but not everyone can make it enjoyable. Cannabis can add an extra element of the forbidden that can spice things up in the bedroom.

Cannabis Allows You to Take a Breather

For many, smoking weed slows time down a bit, enabling you to enjoy the moment. Not to mention, being high while having sex is like an out-of-body experience. While the cannabis high can make you feel mentally lifted, the herb also has a way of making you feel grounded in your body. When both you and your partner consume the herb together, every minute will matter and the possibilities are endless. Life can get crazy, so take a deep inhale with your lover and savor the precious time you have together.

Marijuana Changes Things Up

Everyone likes to switch things up here and there when it comes to sex. Not only can cannabis help you appreciate the little things, such as your partner’s touch, but it also opens the door to experimenting. Taking the stress and anxiety out of a relationship can help you unwind and go with the flow, opening you up to new adventures.

Being that there are several cannabis-infused lubes and even strains that increase sexual desire, weed is the perfect thing to add to the bedroom if you and your lover need a change.

The Right Amount of Cannabis Can Help You Stay Focused

After a little too much cannabis, you may find yourself daydreaming rather than paying attention to your lover. When you get the dosage right, however, the herb has a reputation for helping you remain focused and present on the task at hand. To enhance the experience, focus your attention on one individual sensation at a time, such as the feeling of your partner’s hands on your skin or the smell your bodies make when they are together.

Get Serious About Foreplay

Cannabis can enhance your sense of taste and smell, which can add a surprising layer of experience to high sex. The scent of your partner may seem more appealing than usual and an enhanced sense of taste might make you more interested in foreplay than normal. To really kick things up a notch, consider focusing on these senses while preparing for the big act.

Laugh as Much as You Moan

While getting serious about foreplay is a must for a healthy sexual relationship, there’s perhaps nothing sexier than some laughter in the bedroom. A particularly giggly cannabis strain can help couples lighten up and get silly, easing tension and promoting social bonding. Sex, after all, is something that should be enjoyed. What’s more enjoyable than lighthearted play and intimacy?

Embrace Lazy Sex

Let’s be honest. Sometimes cannabis makes you feel a little lazy. Surprisingly, this laziness might actually make sex a little more fun. Although you might not think so, lazy sex is awesome.

Whether you’ve just woken up in the morning and enjoyed a little wake-n-bake or simply want to engage in a little nooky while watching a laidback movie on the couch, sometimes slow and sloppy pleasure is just the right kind. Sex doesn’t always have to be lingerie and candlelit dinners, embrace your inner sloth and enjoy some casual pleasure.

Weed and Relationships

Relationships take work. Anyone who says differently simply hasn’t been in one long enough. You are two separate beings trying to live life as a team and that means bonding on many levels. Opening your heart to someone means trying to see life through their eyes. When navigating the ups and downs of relationships, cannabis may be able to help. Nowadays, more couples than ever are bonding over their shared experiences with cannabis. Science offers some proof to back up these claims.

Not only does the herb encourage the production of chemicals in the brain that mimic love, but couples who consume together have lower rates of domestic violence. The herb can also help dynamic duos bond over a shared interest, giving them a low-key hobby that helps them enjoy each other’s company. Curious as to how the herb can aid your romantic relationships? Here’s what you can expect from a canna-friendly relationship.

The Effects of Weed and Love Are Surprisingly Similar

Recent studies show that simply loving one another can give us a natural high, similar to the type of high that one would get from smoking marijuana.

A new study, performed by researchers at the University of California Irvine, found that oxytocin, a.k.a. the “love hormone”, is able to produce pleasure by releasing the brain’s endocannabinoid neurotransmitters. Oxytocin is the chemical released in a mother when she first looks at her newborn child. It’s also the same compound that is released during and post-sexual activity.

The “love hormone” is what stimulates social bonding. As it turns out, the molecule is quite similar to cannabis. Oxytocin triggers the release of neurotransmitters in the brain that are similar to those found in the cannabis plant. These molecules are called endocannabinoids and they are what psychoactive THC replaces in the body. In particular, oxytocin spurs the production of anandamide, which is the human neurotransmitter that is most similar to THC.

Anandamide is more commonly known as “the bliss molecule” due to its ability to inspire a natural high.

Researchers at UCI first discovered the connection between oxytocin and anandamide when they experimented with mice. They compared mice that were left alone to mice that were allowed to “socialize”. In their findings, they proved that oxytocin encourages the forming of anandamide. In theory, this causes others to want to socially interact by connecting with the same receptor that exists in marijuana.

Cannabis Helps You Relax

One of the most profound impacts of cannabis on relationships? It encourages relaxation. Chronic stress is one way to kill a relationship fast. If you’re constantly overworked and don’t have nearly enough downtime, cannabis can help you unwind. Rather than take your stress out on your partner, you can simply take a few puffs off a vape instead.

It’s important, however, to use cannabis sparingly if you’re hoping to relieve stress. A study from the University of Illinois at Chicago found that while low doses of psychoactive THC can reduce stress, higher doses may do the opposite. So, those hoping to use cannabis to next-level their relationship, consuming in moderation seems ideal. This means fewer unnecessary fights and allows you to sneak in a couple more hours of quality time.

Increases Intimacy

Some of the best conversations are cannabis-inspired. This means that you’ll get to know your partner better and increases the opportunity for bonding. The more you’re able to open up, communicate, and share life experiences, the more intimate you will become. The love-like nature of the cannabis high doesn’t hurt, either. While it’s obviously possible to have deep conversations without cannabis, the herb inspires a new perspective. You’ll find yourself filled with thoughts and ideas that may have never occurred to you before.

Bring More Humor into your Relationship

Laughing feels good. Laughing with your partner is even better. Even research has found that couples who laugh together are more likely to be satisfied with their partners. Laughter improved relationship quality, caused people to feel closer and made couples feel like they had greater social support. Sounds like an all-around win, really.

Helps you Enjoy the Mundane

Cannabis causes the release of pleasure compounds in your brain and body. This is one reason why food tastes so much better with cannabis than it does without. These pleasure hormones make simple activities like a dinner date or even a home-cooked meal far more enjoyable.

The herb increases satisfaction. You’re more likely to enjoy what you’re eating or what you’re watching on TV.  It increases pleasure sensations during mundane activities like taking a walk, bath, or just hanging out. Greater enjoyment of every day ebbs and flows increase intimacy and helps you feel more content with daily life.

Improves Health

Any sort of chronic health condition can place a major strain on a relationship. Cannabis has a wide variety of medical benefits, including pain relief, relief from inflammatory diseases, anti-depressant qualities, and can improve your quality of life in general. The herb takes the edge off of what may feel like a constant elephant in the room.

For many living with chronic illness, cannabis is a tool that helps patients get their lives back together. It brings you back to earth when you’re experiencing intense pain and stress. The therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis can lift some of the burdens off of your relationship. This is something that both you and your family can feel gratitude toward.

Can Make for a Great Project

Let’s face it, smoking isn’t the only fun thing you can do with cannabis.

Growing a cannabis plant together, making your own infused massage oil, or experimenting with some homemade edibles are great hobbies. All of these things give you something to work on together, with great rewards once you’re through. If you have a busy work week or don’t often get to spend time together, these simple tasks will keep you off the couch and increase the time for recreational companionship.

You’ll get to know each other better, have a few more laughs,  make shared memories, learn something new, and genuinely enjoy your time together.

Eases Household Burdens

No one likes doing the dishes or cleaning up the yard. Yet, these boring chores miraculously become manageable after a little weed. Rather than arguing over who does what, try this instead: relax, inhale some herbal vapor, get started on a chore together. Household tasks are transformed from unfortunate obligations to an opportunity to cultivate silliness, stress relief, and bonding.

Helps You Cope with In-Laws

If you’re married or cohabitating, holidays and major life events can drive you crazy. Perhaps you have to host a bunch of people in your house. Or, maybe you need a little help to cope with a week at Grandma’s house. Sometimes it can be hard to keep your cool. Fortunately, this is where cannabis can lend a hand.

Sneaking away with your boo for a few puffs of a joint cultivates more compassion and intimacy between the two of you. The herb will also help you relax and stay calm in an environment where it’s hard to hold your tongue.

Cannabis is an amazing tool for increasing the intimacy and connection between you and your partner. Who wouldn’t like something that inspires you to sit back, relax, smile, and just enjoy each other’s company? The memories and experiences you will share thanks to a simple herb are invaluable.

Make Things More Fun

There’s nothing sillier than a cannabis-inspired adventure. A hike, a night out, or just about any other recreational activity can be made better with some herb. People already drink heavily before they hit the club and camping trips are often incomplete without some beer.

But, cannabis creates a similar and enjoyable social bonding experience with less harm. You won’t have a crazy hangover the next day. People can get kind of mean or grouchy as alcohol begins to wear off. Cannabis does not have that effect, so you can really enjoy every moment of whatever you’re doing without a hiccup.

Get Close With A Shotgun Hit

This is probably something most people have tried at least once. It involves taking a hit or two from your joint, holding in the smoke, and exhaling it into the mouth of your partner while you are kissing. Sharing a hit is an intimate way to share weed, or it might just be a really fun way to ask someone you like to kiss you.

Get In The Mood With A Cannabis Massage

This is a must. Most couples enjoy cuddling and touching in some way shape or form, and there’s no denying that weed can intensify that. All cannabis users can testify to the increased physical sensation you feel when you are high, and so sharing some loving touches is even better with weed.

The same goes for massaging, rubbing the neck and stroking the skin. It doesn’t even have to be something sexual. Just the opportunity for you and your partner to explore the physical sensation of touching each other while high.

Enjoy A 420 Dinner Date

This isn’t just romantic. It’s fun! It’s a really pleasant experience to get high with your partner and go out for dinner. You can talk about the food you’re tasting and what it feels like. Go one step further and try a new restaurant or cuisine. Explore your sensory experience with your partner.

Get Back to Nature

In case you didn’t know, getting outside is good for you. So good for you, in fact, that access to greenery decreases your rates of developing type II diabetes, improves cardiovascular health, and reduces stress. While spending time in nature is fun on its own, taking a little herb on your next camping trip or casually passing the vape pen on your next hike can help you unwind and mindfully appreciate the natural beauty in front of and beside you.

Listen to Music

If you and your partner are really into music, why not put on some of your favorite tunes, smoke together and chill out? Music inspires some beautiful emotions, and Mary Jane just makes you more sensitive to those. You don’t even need to talk. Just sit back, listen, and enjoy.

The Science Behind High Sex

As mentioned above, cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Now, there’s some science that backs up claims about the plant’s mood-inspiring nature.  Not only do cannabis consumers have more sex, but the herb may actually stimulate sexual arousal in some people.

A new study by investigators at Stanford University School of Medicine shows that frequent marijuana use may increase sexual desire. The findings run contrary to claims that cannabis can impair desire and performance, especially among men. Despite findings that suggest otherwise, many herbivores have maintained for years that weed is an aphrodisiac.

Around 51,000 Americans between 25 and 45 years of age were questioned for the research. Subjects were asked about their sex lives and cannabis use. The study looked at data from the federal government’s annual CDC survey, the National Survey of Family Growth, reports NPR.

Women who regularly use cannabis had sex an average of 7.1 times per month, compared with non-tokers who had intercourse only six times in 30 days. Male marijuana users had sex an average of 6.9 times a month, compared to 5.6 times for non-users. Bottom line? Cannabis smokers are having about 20 percent more sex than non-tokers.

The study is the first solid hint that there could be a causal link, i.e., one could be resulting in the other.

“Marijuana use is very common, but its large-scale use and association with sexual frequency hasn’t been studied much in a scientific way,” said Dr. Michael Eisenberg, Assistant Professor of Urology, who is senior author of the study. “Usually, people assume the more frequently you smoke, the worse it could be when it came to sex, but in fact, we learned the opposite was true.”

“Frequent marijuana use doesn’t seem to impair sexual motivation or performance,” he said. “If anything, it’s associated with increased coital frequency.”

“The overall trend we saw applied to people of both sexes and all races, ages, education levels, income groups and religions, every health status, whether they’re married or single and whether or not they had kids.” Eisenberg continues.

More Weed = More Sex?

Published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, this is the first study to examine the relationship between cannabis use and frequency of sexual intercourse.

Some researchers in the past had tried to draw a link between heavy cannabis use and erectile dysfunction. Also, some studies have found reduced sperm counts in men who smoke weed.

But experiments using both animals and humans have suggested that cannabis stimulates activity in brain regions involved in sexual arousal and activity, reports The Telegraph.

The positive association between cannabis use and sexual frequency was independent of demographic, health, marital, or parental status, according to the researchers. The trend remained even after accounting for subjects’ use of other substances, such as cocaine and alcohol.

The results suggest that the positive correlation between cannabis and sexual activity doesn’t just reflect the tendency for less inhibited people to smoke pot, according to Dr. Eisenberg.

The researchers found that the amount of sex rose steadily with increasing cannabis use. This dose-dependent relationship supports a possible active role for marijuana in fostering sexual activity.

Given that the average couple has sex about once a week, Dr. Eisenberg said the bottom line is that cannabis smokers, on average, have sexual intercourse 20 more times per year than non-smokers, reports AAP News.

“I think if you asked a man or a woman, 20 more times to have sex over a year, that would seem like a lot. We don’t want people to smoke to improve sexual function, but it probably doesn’t hurt things.” said Dr. Eisenberg.

Science Confirms that Cannabis Leads To Better Sex

Recreational cannabis users have long-linked pot and heightened sexual ecstasy, and now researchers are fervently trying to determine if such claims can be backed up by scientific evidence. It’s well-known that too much cannabis can leave people too lethargic to function and may also lead to diminished sexual function in males. But multiple studies are suggesting that smaller doses of weed taken before sex could be a major libido-booster.

The Pharmacological Research Journal recently published a study to determine the aphrodisiac potential of pot and found that 70 percent of people who smoke before doing the wild thing experienced “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.” The study reported,

The identification of THC and later on, the discovery of the [endocannabinoid system] have opened a potential therapeutic target for sexual dysfunctions, given the partial efficacy of current pharmalogical treatment.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the vast neurotransmitter network that cannabis compounds engage in the body.  The sex-enhancing effects of cannabis didn’t differ much between men and women, which gives everyone an equal opportunity for better sex. Nick Karas, author of The Passionate High – A Lovers Guide to Cannabis has built an entire business based on the premise of microdosing weed to enhance your sex life. He told Leafly,

When incorporating the right strain, dosage, and intention, cannabis users report that it increases sexual stamina and skill, awakens creativity, prolongs orgasms and intensifies the emotional bonding between partners.

The researchers from the University of Catania in Italy and Masaryk University in the Czech Republic were initially interested in settling the abundance of contradictory claims made when it comes to cannabis and sex.

For the Best Sex, Keep THC Doses Low

While women don’t tend to report diminished sexual function as a result of smoking cannabis, the same can’t be said for some men. Healthline reported,

Smoking can damage your blood vessels and [erectile dysfunction] is often a result of poor arterial blood supply to the penis.

However, the researchers emphasize that THC in small doses can have the opposite effect. Wayne Koff, CEO, and president of the Human Vaccine Project also documented in 1974 that the key to utilizing cannabis as a sexual stimulator was to remember that dosage is an important factor. A single joint was enough for a pleasurable experience, while anything more became detrimental to the experience.

Given the prevalence of popular sexual-enhancement drugs like Viagra, ExtenZe, and even natural products that stimulate the female libido, we have to wonder whether using cannabis as a tool for better sex might open the floodgates for greater acceptance overall. Should states move to add sexual dysfunction to the list of qualifying conditions? If the early science holds up, it certainly seems like a good idea.

The History of Cannabis and Sexuality

While modern science is only just now catching on to the long-known aphrodisiac benefits of cannabis, the history books tell a different story. For this history lesson, we’re going way back. Cannabis has been used as a sexual enhancer for thousands of years. Yet, certain cultures seemed to get more out of the herb than others. Peoples in ancient India found ways to reach enlightenment through cannabis-inspired sexual experiences. Folks in ancient Greece, however, missed the boat. To give you the scoop, here is a very brief history of cannabis and sex.

Sex Yoga

Modern day yoga tends to shun intoxicants, but that not the case in all tantric sects. Clear back sometime between 1750-500 B.C.E., our ancestors were using cannabis to ignite sexual prowess and achieve enlightenment. Specifically, cannabis was used in some branches of Hindu tantra as a way to explore consciousness and ultimately find spiritual awakening.

It’s important to note, however, that the more sex-positive branches of tantra are still considered fringe, even to this day.

Sex, however, was incorporated into Tantric yoga during a specific period in history, where mind-altering drugs and sexual practices were integrated into meditational yoga. Michael Aldrich wrote a brief history of marijuana in sex yoga back in the 1970s. He explains,

Marijuana fits into sex yoga as well, for in Hindu folk medicine it is the aphrodisiac par excellence. – Aldrich

To use cannabis during spiritual, sexual practice, tantric yogi’s frequently made a special kind of drink. This drink was consumed before the practice began. The climax of the practice was to occur about 90 minutes after consumption, during the most intense part of intoxication. Aldrich includes a basic recipe in his research,

The marijuana drink (‘vijaya’, the victory drink) is sometimes only a little round green ball of moistened bhang [recipe here] in milk or water, or more often a delicious marijuana milkshake flavored with almonds, pepper, cardamom, poppy seeds, and other spices.

70 A.D.

Let’s move continents and fast-forward a few hundred years. While some Hindus arguably had success with the herb in enhancing sexual satisfaction, followers of Western philosophy weren’t so lucky. Greek physician, pharmacologist, and botanist Dioscorides wrote the famous De Materia Medica (On Medical Materials).

The five-volume series recorded the medical uses of over 600 plants and was widely used and circulated for over 1500 years. Cannabis was one of the plants Dioscorides included. Though he didn’t go into extensive detail, he explained that juices and hemp seeds were useful in treating earaches and in diminishing sexual desire.

Though cannabis was used medicinally by ancient Chinese and Indian populations for thousands of years prior, De Materia Medica is the first recorded history of cannabis in Western medical literature.

130-150 A.D.

Continuing with Greco-Roman culture, cannabis was again mentioned by Galen. Galen is one of the most accomplished physicians in Western history and is considered the father of Western anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and neurology. Like Dioscorides, Galen didn’t have much to say on cannabis. But, he did have a few words on the way the herb affects sexual desire.

Galen mentioned that cannabis seeds were used as a special treat for the affluent. They were used to top a certain kind of dessert that caused warm and pleasurable sensations. When people used too much, however, Galen believed that the herb caused dehydration and impotence.

Colonial India

While Greco-Romans were having a bit of trouble getting things going with the herb, folks in India seemed to be having a nice time. In fact, both Hindi and Sanskrit have words for hemp that specifically reference the herb’s sexual powers.

According to Ethan Russo, harshini means the exciter of sexual desire, delight, and elation. Hursini also refers to an exciter of sexual desire, and madini means intoxicator, or sexual intoxicator.

Citing British research from the 1800s, Russo explains that cannabis paste was combined with other herbs to treat cough, bowel complaints, and impotence in men. Additional research suggests that cannabis was widely used among all classes of people and was known to ignite sexual desire in females. Physician and colonist Sir William O’Shaughnesy writes:

[Cannabis] is most fascinating in its effects, producing extatic happiness, a persuasion of high rank, a sensation of flying,voracious appetite and intense aphrodisiac desire. – O’Shaughnesy

The sexual powers of cannabis continued into the 1950s. Two authors published a report on cannabis use in India in 1957, explaining that the herb was used by both young and middle-aged individuals to stimulate sexual desire and prolong the overall experience. The authors explain,

In moderate doses cannabis is believed to promote sexual desire, and it is not an uncommon practice among the younger newly married folk to drink beverages and eat sweets containing bhang. Among profligate women and prostitutes, bhang sherbet used to be a popular drink in the course of the evening when their paramours visited them. – Chopra & Chopra

While folks in India seemed to tap into the herb’s psychoactive effects early on, Westerners were behind the times. Perhaps the psychoactivity of the plant aided in sexual performance, while simply consuming seeds had a different effect.

Present Day

Cannabis and sex have a complicated relationship in present times. Some research suggests that the herb can enhance sexual performance for a time, though can have the opposite effect in large doses. More recently, some studies have shown that the plant can improve sexual dysfunction in those with certain chronic diseases.

A 1997 study of patients with multiple sclerosis, for example, found that in a pool of 51 MS patients with sexual dysfunction, 32 of them reported improved performance after cannabis. Now, topical cannabis lubricants and special low-THC strains are marketed as sex enhancers in legal cannabis states. You can even purchase a book on how to use cannabis to enhance your sexual experiences.

Though people have mixed results using cannabis as an aphrodisiac, it’s safe to say that there is a long history connecting the herb to sexual experience. Tantric yogis used the plant to achieve a type of divinity through enhanced sexuality. Those in Greco-Roman times played around with the herb for a bit, but couldn’t make the magic happen.

Yet, other cultures have had success with the sexual healing properties of cannabis up until quite recently. Perhaps you just need to know how to use it right.

Best Cannabis Strains for Arousal

We’ve already determined how much better climaxing is while high. Women in particular report experiencing longer, more intense and even multiple orgasms in the bedroom (or wherever else) while under the spell of cannabis. But what type of strain provides the best sexual experience? Some consumers prefer the energizing and mentally stimulating nature of Sativa plants. Others, however, want to ease pain and sink into their bodies before enjoying the big act. For the latter, an Indica variety may provide just the right experience. Yet, regardless of your usual type, here’s a list of cannabis strains that are sure to inspire some good times under the covers.


SexxPot is a strain designed for the bedroom. The brainchild of Karyn Wagner of Paradigm Medical Marijuana, the plant is an updated rendition of the Mr. Nice cannabis strain. 

It wasn’t unusual for Wagner and her partner to share a joint before sex, which is how she got the inspiration for SexxPot. After trying some low-key Mr. Nice, decided to create her own strain and take it to market as SexxPot – catchy, huh? If you live in California, you can purchase SexxPot at select California dispensaries.

The thought behind SexxPot is deceptively simple. We all know that cannabis can put you in a great mood, relieve stress and make you feel good all over, but less is more in this case. The relatively low THC level (14 percent compared to over 20 percent in many of today’s newest strains) seems to be just the right amount for women, who often need way less than men to get the same effect. Plus, if you or your partner get too high to function, no one’s going to enjoy that in the boudoir.

Skunk #1

One of the earliest established commercial strains, Skunk #1 is an oldie but goodie when it comes to getting in the mood for love. The hybrid plant has a knack for inspiring a hazy, euphoric kind of high that’s perfect for unwinding and spending some time in dreamland with your lover. Fair warning, though: this plant can cause dry mouth. Having some water or a lozenge on hand before foreplay is recommended. This herb is also quite high in THC, which can be problematic if you consume too much.

Granddaddy Purple

Sometimes you just need a little help chilling out. Granddaddy Purple is a calm indica flower that works its magic on the body. Physical, relaxing, and heavy-handed, this plant is perfect for those who require some relief from physical tension before enjoying an intimate time with your partner. Slow and steady, this high-THC flower is best saved for the evening or a rainy day.


Laidback and clear-headed, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is the perfect date-night treat. Flo promotes an easy relaxation without taking things over the top, which is excellent for moments when new-partner butterflies are getting the better of you. The aroma of this herb itself is intoxicating, with undertones of cool menthol and a flirtatious floral quality. Get ready for some giggles and moderate sensations of bodily relaxation.

Super Lemon Haze

They say that the brain is the largest sex organ. Alert and stimulating, Super Lemon Haze provides just the right amount of mental stimulation for an impassioned roll in the hay. Cerebral and focused, this herb can help you stay attentive to your partner for as long as they demand. Energizing, this plant can be enjoyed for an early morning delight or can keep you awake for some fun after a long night of dancing. Enjoy this high-THC flower in moderation.


The Skywalker strain dazzles with a musky blueberry aroma. Pleasing to the senses, this plant this is a cool-cat Indica hybrid that produces a substantial body relaxation shortly after the first taste. Excellent to consume after a long day, this plant is best paired with a little massage and some extra tender love and care. An evening flower, this deeply calming plant will help you leave the work week behind. Slow and sleepy, this high THC flower might make you ready for naptime in high doses. If lazy sex is your thing, this flower is the perfect match.

Blue Cheese

This plant’s incredibly pungent aroma may not seem like the best fit for a sexy occasion, but this strain is all fun and games. While some strains, like Skywalker, lean more toward the sensual side, this plant lightens the mood with its giggly and upbeat nature. Interesting conversation and some general fooling around will be nicely complemented by the mellow physical relaxation that this plant provides. A slow relief spreads into the muscles as the Blue Cheese experience continues, cultivating feelings of bliss from the inside out. Break out this high-THC indica for an afternoon delight.


This strain is as seductive as it sounds. Featuring a decadent herbal aroma with hints of warm coffee and nut, this plant is sure to impress just about any date. The Chocolope experience starts off euphoric, with plenty of lighthearted laughter and a breezy attitude. As the journey continues, however, you may find yourself drifting off into a psychedelic-like dreamland that makes it feel oh-so-good to be touched. Take this intoxicating Sativa on a vacation or save it for a weekend away for two. You won’t regret the stimulating adventure this plant inspires.

Alaskan Thunder F*ck (ATF)

The name says it all. Are you ready to get ATFed? This speedy sativa is invigorating, enthralling, and offers a sure-fire way to heat things up. Both physically and mentally engaging, this ATF experience kicks off with a surge of mental energy and a lighthearted nature. It’s not uncommon for consumers to feel more creative and engaged in what they’re doing, adding to the pleasure of the moment. Hoping to invent a new position? This intoxicating plant may provide the perfect inspiration.

Atomic Northern Lights

When it comes to sexy time, some people prefer Indicas and some Sativas. For those that need to wind down before getting it on, Atomic Northern Lights is a fantastic flower. Touted as the “viagra of weed” this indica hybrid is all relaxation without sedation. It is a slow and steady strain, allowing for a deep sense of calmness and ease. This high THC plant, however, is not so tranquilizing that you’ll fall asleep as soon as your head hits the sheets. Instead, prepare for plenty of slow and sensual play with the help of this long-lasting flower.

Best Weed Products for Better High Sex

Forget Valentine’s Day. Spice up your love life any day of the week with a little weed. And no, that doesn’t mean just lighting up a jay and calling it a day. In more ways than one, you can have the sexiest time of your life on a random Tuesday thanks to cannabis. Believe it or not, there are lots of fun and sexy herb-infused products out there designed to enhance your physical pleasure. From lube that provides out-of-this-world orgasms to toys that you can smoke and masturbate with, here are ten ways weed will spice up your sex life.

Foria Pleasure

If you’d prefer to forego the mental high or you’re not much of a smoker, check out Foria Pleasure. This is a topical spray that uses coconut oil as the carrier and contains around 2.5 mg of THC per pump along with some other cannabinoids. The recommended dosage is four to five sprays on (or in) your most sensitive areas.

Most women will feel something happening in about 15 minutes, but some will need to apply at least an hour before sex. The goal? Longer, more intense orgasms that are easy to reach. If that sounds like a plan, make sure you have your medical marijuana card in order. Foria Pleasure is only available from licensed dispensaries in the states of California and Colorado.

The women of California and Colorado appear to have a little bit of an advantage over the rest of us, but as the laws around the globe change to something more sensible, good things will be coming – pun fully intended!

HighGasm Edible Lubricant

Not only is this lube medicated, it’s also edible. As you can imagine, lube that you can eat will bring lots of fun to the bedroom. Or bathroom, no need to stick to one setting. With flavors like cock-o-nut and blowberry, you know you’re in for an adventure with HighGasm‘s 25 mg THC-containing lubricants.

Mary Jane Vibrator

You don’t have to get high to have a buzzing good time with your partner. Hell, you don’t even have to get high to have a decent solo session. In fact, the Mary Jane vibrator combines weed and masturbation. Not to mention, it’s waterproof, wink-wink.

Arouse by Hmbldt

Weed before and after sex is beneficial. Not only does it relax you, but it also can get you in the mood. And with Hmbldt’s Arouse vape pen, you’ll have no trouble enhancing your passion. Also, this particular pen helps with anxiety, which is perfect for those who experience bedroom jitters.

Pot leaf Bra

Dressing up in sexy lingerie is always a yes. Although some weed leaf attire isn’t necessarily a turn on, this weed-friendly bra will definitely heat things up a notch. Let’s be honest, this little get-up is better than secret good ol’ Victoria could dream up.

Wow Candles

Now, these are candles that will make you say wow! You and your sweetie can light these medicated candles around a bath, use the wax for a massage afterward, or both! In fact, the White Tea Ginger candle contains 99.9% CBD crystals with zero THC.

Peter Piper Pecker Puffer

Help get your lady get off while you toke on your favorite strain. It’s possible with the Peter Piper Pecker Puffer, a sex toy and pipe all within a single package.

Cannabis condoms

Cannadoms make the safe part of sex fun for cannabis enthusiasts. The makers claim the condoms taste like weed, but, unfortunately, these condoms will not get you or your bit high.

High Sex Myths

There’s a lot of buzz going around about weed and sex. More specifically, how the herb can benefit your sex life. Not only does the flower help you feel more pleasure in bed, but there are also infused lubes out there that come with their own rewards. Some of them are even edible! Almost everyone knows the facts about cannabis and sex, but there are also some rather strange rumors floating about, ones that will surprise you.

Does Weed Make Men Sterile?

The short answer to this question is no. But, before you try to have a baby, you must know the facts. If a male frequently smokes pot, rodent research suggests that the plant may have negative effects on the size and shape of their sperm. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that weed can sterilize a man in any way. Yet, there is some evidence that the flower can slow down your swimmers and may temporarily reduce your sperm counts.

If you are hoping to have a child, cannabis may have a negative impact on fertility. For example, a research team from the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester conducted a study on the matter back in 2014. They discovered,

Men who produced ejaculates with less than four percent normal sperm were nearly twice as likely to have produced a sample in the summer months (June to August), or if they were younger than 30 years old, to have used cannabis in the three month period prior to ejaculation.

While weed can affect fertility, which isn’t the same as sterilization. This decrease in counts is only temporary. The study also noted that men who went through six days of abstinence before producing another sample were less likely to produce abnormal sperm. So, there you have it. Regular marijuana smoking might make it harder to get pregnant, but it certainly doesn’t make you infertile.

Needless to say, cannabis is not an effective method of birth control.

Does Cannabis Keeps You Aroused for a Longer Period of Time?

You’ve probably heard of this one. Supposedly, cannabis-smokers experience prolonged senses of arousal, and even longer orgasms while high. But unfortunately, there are no studies or other forms of scientific evidence to prove it.

According to the University of California Santa Barbara, people may believe this because their sense of time is distorted when they’re high. In other words, it may feel as though time is passing by more slowly than it actually is, which will make it seem as though their feelings of arousal and pleasure are prolonged.

Yet, in reality, what seems like an eternity together may have only been five minutes.

Does Cannabis Keep You Focused During Sex?

If you’re having trouble staying out of your own head, a little cannabis can go a long way. After too much, however, the opposite problem can happen. If you’ve over consumed the herb, you might find it harder to concentrate. In fact, a 2018 study from researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas found that cannabis consumers can have “noisy brain” after consuming.

While you are sober, you may be able to focus your attention on just one thing at a time. However, the heightened brain activity after consuming cannabis may make you feel more inundated with information. While this study did not look at how this business might alter your sensory experience, it is possible that all of this noise may be one of the reasons why activities like sex seem so all-encompassing after a little cannabis.

You may be hyper-focused on the present moment, but your brain is consciously processing an immense amount of information from different sections of the brain at the same time. For some, all of this noise may make it difficult to stop thinking. Others might lay back and enjoy the rush.

Cannabis and Erectile Dysfunction

There are many reasons why cannabis and sex go together like peas and carrots. The plant can heighten arousal and may make for an excellent sexual aid for women, who often lack effective products that can help them get into the mood. There may be a few downsides to pairing cannabis and sex, however. One that has earned plenty of mainstream attention? Cannabis and erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction, also referred to as ED, is a condition in which a man’s penis fails to become hard or erect enough for sex.

While several previous studies have suggested that the plant may cause men to struggle in this department, a large-scale meta-analysis of the scientific literature calls bluff on this myth. Thus far, there is no conclusive evidence that cannabis consumption causes or contributes to erectile dysfunction.

The study did find, however, that smoking tobacco, drinking too much alcohol, and a sedentary lifestyle all contribute to erectile dysfunction. So, if you are combining your cannabis with a cigarette and a beer after a day of sitting at the office, you may find it a little more difficult to get it up.

Avoid Getting Too Damn High

Even though cannabis does not contribute to ED, however, doesn’t mean that the herb will always make you a rockstar in the bedroom. As regular herbivores often know well, hitting the water pipe a little too hard can make sex a little difficult. Fortunately, the reason why this happens is simple: you’re just too damn high.

If you’ve overindulged in your cannabis, you may find yourself glued to the couch or feeling a little heavylidded. When a mind-numbing intoxication takes hold, it can be difficult to find the motivation to do just about anything other than wait for the sensations to pass.

Further, too much THC can trigger anxiety and paranoia. You may feel a little more self-conscious than normal. You might also just feel like social interactions are a bit weird or and uncomfortable, especially if you are exploring with a new partner.

When using cannabis as a sex enhancer, moderation is key.

One of the few downsides of regular cannabis consumption in men is that it may make you less likely to have a fulfilling orgasm. A 2010 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that daily cannabis consumption was associated with either trouble orgasming, climaxing too early, or climaxing too late. This trouble orgasming was found in men, yet the same was not true for women.

But, have no fear! If you notice that you are a little off of your game, it may be time to take a tolerance break or switch to a cultivar high in cannabidiol (CBD).

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