7 Reasons Why Sex Is Better When You’re High


Is sex better when you’re high? Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for millennia. Here’s why the herb makes sex so phenomenal.

Feb 14, 2017

When it comes to cannabis and sex, a little goes a long way. Research suggests that cannabis may help put you in the mood when used in low to moderate doses, depending on experience. In higher doses or an uncomfortable environment, the plant can have an opposite effect. Here are seven reasons why sex is better when you’re high.

1. Pleasure and bliss

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Cannabis triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that allows you to feel pleasure and reward. The release of dopamine is thought to contribute to the euphoric feeling of a cannabis high. More dopamine means bonus pleasure sensations for pretty much everything you do after consuming cannabis.

Sex, of course, also gives a major dopamine boost. Cannabis plus sex is like a double whammy, there’s a surge of euphoria and happiness from the herb, and another from the amazing experience you share with your partner.

Interestingly, the primary psychoactive in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), replaces another important pleasure molecule in the body. THC takes the place of anandamide, which just happens to be delightfully nicknamed “the bliss molecule.”

Researchers are still puzzled over exactly what anandamide does in the body. Though, it is known to calm anxiety and cause general feelings of relaxation, bliss, and ease. Why wouldn’t you want to combine that with sex?

2. Cannabis may help sexual dysfunction

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Cannabis elixirs and topical treatments were used in ancient times as potential treatments for impotence and other sexual health problems. Now, research from 2013 suggests that cannabis may be able to help men with erectile dysfunction brought on by high cholesterol.

Unfortunately, the study, published in Clinical Development and Immunology was performed in mice and not in humans. However, researchers found that the active components in cannabis, called cannabinoids, may protect blood vessels from damage and improve the low blood flow caused by high cholesterol.

According to the study, cannabis compounds may improve sexual functioning in men by triggering a certain cell receptor in the penis, the CB2 receptor. Activating this receptor reduced stress in the tissue and exhibited protective effects.

3. Stress & anxiety

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Stress and anxiety can both put a serious damper on bedroom activity. If your mental state is making it a bit difficult to get in the mood, a taste or two of cannabis can help you unwind, mellow out, and go with the flow.

Dopamine isn’t only the pleasure molecule. The neurotransmitter also promotes focus and attention. Pleasure, bliss, and attention together can help some people let loose and enjoy the present moment. For many, sativa strains tend to promote focus more than indica strains.

Indica strains tend to be a little more sleepy and hazy, making it difficult to pay attention. Though, indicas are great for those in need of some serious physical relaxation before the big event.

Sativa strains, however, are mentally energizing and are thought to improve concentration for some. This can help you really take the time to focus on the sensations made by you and your partner.

4. Fluids

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This one is for the ladies. Though some argue that cotton vagina is a real thing, cannabis may help increase arousal fluid. Turns out, the vagina produces a few different kinds of fluids.

While researchers suspect that cannabis may hinder the release of certain types of fluids, like cervical fluid, the herb also increases blood flow to the vagina.

Cannabis is a vasodilator, meaning that it opens blood vessels. When ladies become aroused, blood vessels in the vagina relax and cause swelling. This swelling then causes a type of sweating; water and protein to leak out between capillaries in the mucous membrane and cause wetness when you’re aroused.

This is one reason cannabis-infused lubes are suspected to be so successful. Check out this article on how you can make your own.

5. Testosterone

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The influence of cannabis on testosterone is complicated and the subject of much debate. However, rodent studies from the early 1980s give some good guesses as to what the herb may be doing to the body. One study found that shortly after consuming cannabis, testosterone spikes.

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is important for both male and female libido. When consumed in moderate amounts, the early research hints, THC caused testosterone spikes for about a half an hour. This spike was followed by a testosterone crash before the hormone balanced to normal levels.

This suggests that cannabis may cause fluctuations in sex drive, perhaps including some moments of spiked libido early on. After a while, though, it may be more difficult to get in the mood. However, stronger research in humans is needed to validate these claims.

6. Enhanced sensory perception

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Humans respond to scent signals without realizing it all the time. Rodent research has shown that cannabis may stimulate the olfactory bulb, heightening your sense of smell while you’re high. In the article, rodents under the influence of cannabis demonstrated an improved sense of smell that led them to food.

Cannabis also lowers blood pressure, which can cause pupil dilation. This means that colors and objects may seem a little brighter and more vibrant. These heightened sensations can make for some extra fun times in the bedroom.

Coupled with the boosts in attention and pleasure, a little cannabis can make for an all-around sensational time in the bedroom.

7. Cannabis is officially an aphrodisiac

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A review published in January of 2017 confirmed that cannabis is, indeed, an aphrodisiac. The review combed through the available evidence on the subject and found that 70% of consumers reported increased sexual performance after using the plant. In fact, the majority of people had some sort of “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.”

Both women and men reported equal amounts of satisfaction with the herb, improving the sexual experience for the majority of people all-around. Sure, clinical investigations may not be able to pinpoint just why cannabis puts people in a love making kind of mood, but that doesn’t stop cannabis fans from using the herb for some nighttime inspiration.

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Feb 14, 2017