Learn From The Master: Redman’s Guide to Rolling a Blunt

Watch the master at work! Redman shows us how to roll a blunt right with Blunt Rolling 101.

Watch the master at work! Redman shows us how to roll a blunt right with Blunt Rolling 101 with Complex.

Before you start

A blunt is only as good as its ingredients. Make sure you have a soft, fresh cigar. Forget those stale, dry ones that sit on store shelves for months or years.

You want quality weed, for a quality smoke. Unfortunately for Redman, due to the location he had to shoot this video with “hamster bedding” instead of real weed. All that hard work for nothing. Okay, not for nothing, he still gets to show us how it’s done. He goes on to expound on his current faves that he is smoking a lot of right now.

Redman’s favorite smoking strains:

Step 1: Split it, don’t spit in it

Don’t get nasty by putting your spit all over it. Just moisten the tip and gently split the cigar in a straight line.

Step 2: Quality and consistency

Have all your weed finely ground before you start, it saves time. No seeds or stems allowed, you don’t want that stabbing through your blunt.

Step 3: Roll it up

Spread your weed evenly in the skin, and pack it full. Roll gently. Tighten, and roll. Tighten, and roll.

Step 4: The seal

Unless you have some honey to seal it up with, or a damp sponge, you will have to use saliva. The blunt needs moisture along the last half inch or more from the end to get a good seal, so be generous, but not soaking it.

Step 5: Getting the best pull

Redman says that you shouldn’t be afraid to flatten a blunt to tighten the weed. Having the prettiest blunt is less important than having a good blunt with a full draw.

How fast can you roll a good blunt? What is your secret for a fantastic smoke? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.