Watch Redman test Young M.A. on her hip-hop knowledge

At 25, Young M.A. was born the same year Redman’s debut album came out.

Mar 11, 2018
Redman and Young M.A

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Genius Via YouTube

Redman. A legendary rapper of the 90s best known for his third album ‘Muddy Waters,’ collaborations with the Wu-Tang Clan and starring in some cornball stoner comedies here and there. Young M.A. An up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper already cracking the Billboard Top 20 with her single ‘Ooouuu.’ At 25, she was born the same year Redman’s debut album came out. In a recent video for Genius, Redman decided to see how much of his generation has passed on, quizzing M.A about 90’s hip-hop.

“I think we took it a little bit more seriously in the 90s as far as lyrics (go),” begins Redman, “and there’s a lot of artists, new artists still doing the same thing… But in the 90s you had to be a true MC to get up to a certain platform. You had to earn that spot.”

Redman then presents Young M.A with a set of ten multiple choice questions, most of which she breezes through. She’s quizzed on Cash Money’s 90s roster, A Tribe Called Quest’s initial album, the name of Tupac’s original crew, Digital Underground, which you’d recall if you were even a casual 90s hip hop fan or just saw Dan Aykroyd’s extremely weird and gross movie Nothing But Trouble.

It’s only when she hits a question about 1998 that Young M.A begins to stumble, erroneously guessing who managed to sell two number one albums in one year. She also struggled with a Busta Rhymes question, which she could have easily overcome if she realized that ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See’ came out before the movie Belly. That movie came out when she was like six and yes I’m holding Young M.A to task.

“First thing,” says Redman, “I’d like to commend Young M.A. for being a talented artist, because one day she will have to be in my seat, questioning the youth on her records.”

Mar 11, 2018