Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Marijuana

For those who are interested in growing marijuana or who are just starting to learn how to cultivate, be sure to avoid these rookie mistakes!

Aug 25, 2015

Growing marijuana is no joke—though some may just see it as an easy way to make a buck. However, that only means they are poorly educated on the subject. So many things can happen to a cannabis crop within its life that it is important to be aware of some of the simplest mistakes people make when starting a grow. Here are the top 9 rookie mistakes people make when growing marijuana.

  1. They Don’t Know What They Are Getting Into

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Growing cannabis is not an easy task, it requires long hours and dedication to creating a premium product. Not committing the time and energy will show come harvest and will lead to a smaller return on your investment. Do your research, allocate the time and love what you do.

  1. They Tell Everyone That They Are Growing

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Even if you are growing cannabis within confines of the law, your grow is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. Keep your grow room secure and limit the people who know the location and quantity of your harvest. If you put in the time and money, make sure you are the one seeing the returns, not some criminal.  

  1. They Don’t Do Their Research

Everyone screws up their first crop of cannabis unless they have been mentored by someone who has been growing for many years. Premium buds are raised by people who have done years of research and decades of experience. Don’t assume you can watch a YouTube video and produce the next big indica strain.

  1. They Don’t Use the Right Soil

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The soil that cannabis is grown in has as much to do with the final product as sourcing excellent seeds. Skimping out on soil could lead to insect infestation or a failed crop. The soil should be able to drain well along with maintaining a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5 since cannabis doesn’t do well in highly acidic soil.

  1. They Don’t Pay Attention to Detail

An attention to detail is critical when dealing with the cannabis plant, as the smallest details can be the most important to the survival rate of your crops. Outdoor grows can subject the plants to less controlled elements that can devastate a grow including bugs, slugs and larger animals in search of a snack. Even indoor grows will attract small bugs that can cripple a grow, pay attention to your leaves and soil to ensure the best result.

  1. They Don’t Know What Strain They Are Growing

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Different strains may require altered grow process, so understanding the strain you wish to produce is critical to success. It is also important to ensure seeds are bought from reputable seed banks who test and stand by their product. Buying seeds from a questionable source puts your entire business at risk to save a few bucks.  

  1. They Can’t Resist Temptation

Plants have to be harvested at the right time to ensure their success. As the plants get older and the buds begin to show, it may be tempting to harvest and cash in early. This, however, will significantly impact the final product and cause the hard work of previous months to be for nothing. So be patient and listen to your plants.

  1. They Over-Water the Plant

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Yes, too much of a good thing will devastate your crops—this is the number one reason crops fail. Plants use their roots to soak up oxygen, and overwatering will cause the plant to become droopy and discolored. If looking for a sure-fire way to ensure your plants are not overwatered, there have been developments in the grow process to ensure this doesn’t happen to you!

  1. They Don’t Realize That Plants React to Their Environment

The environment that plants grow in has a direct relation to the finished product. Cannabis plants require equal amounts of light and dark along with consistent temperature. Some growers go so far as to sing to their plants in hopes that it will create a better product, who knows, maybe its song that is the secret ingredient to amazing buds.

Pro-Tip: Seeds are Better Than Clones

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While clones are a fast and easy way to start the cannabis growing process, be skeptical of the clone you inherit. You may also be inheriting the problems of the parent plant which could include disease or pests. When you start your grow with seeds from a reputable dealer, you will control all aspects of the grow.

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Aug 25, 2015