Rosin: What It Is & How To Make It


Rosin is the method of extracting some of the most potent sap from your buds using heat and pressure and doesn’t require a toxic solvent.

Sera Jane Ghaly
Jan 11, 2016

Rosin is the method of extracting some of the most potent sap from your marijuana flowers using heat and pressure. The method of rosin does not require a solvent, and it can be used with marijuana buds or hash to extract the most potent part of your buds.

The final product is translucent, has a strong flavor and sometimes it resembles sap. When Rosin is made with care, it can be even stronger than other extracts you are used to using such as shatter and wax. Some people say that it even tastes much better than these other extracts.

No need to use a solvent

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Smokers are preferring to use Rosin over other extracts these days because the method by which this is created does not require a solvent. This means that your buds stay natural and there is no need to use a foreign, unnatural product to create it. BHO, for example, requires you to dissolve your buds in Butane, which is a pungent and toxic liquid. It is actually quite dangerous to use because it requires combustion to remove all the solvent. If any of the butane remains then the marijuana is effectively going to be toxic to smoke. It is also really dangerous to try to make BHO because of the possibility of blowing everything up.

Rosin does not require a toxic solvent, simply just heat and pressure. It is super easy to make as well, meaning you do not need to be a super scientist or a chemist to be able to make this at home. It can be made with a hair straightener, parchment paper, heat resistant gloves and perhaps a tool for collecting your new, freshly made Rosin!

Rosin is becoming more and more common

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Because of the solvent-free nature of making Rosin, more and more dispensaries around the USA are adopting this method of creating extracts. It is readily available on the legal market at the moment and is probably the safest way to use a potent marijuana extract.

Have no doubt, this extract of marijuana is just as potent as shatter or wax, is cleaner because it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals, and if you want to make it at home you can do that too. The simplicity of making Rosin is impossible to beat, and it’s nice to know that stoners can make their own favorite extracts right from their homes.

How to make Rosin

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The process of making Rosin is incredibly easy and simply involves using the heat and pressure of a hair straightener to melt your buds or your hash into a piece of parchment paper. It happens almost instantly after applying the heat and the pressure, and then all you have to do is remove it from the parchment paper and it is literally ready to dab or smoke.

Check out our more detailed instructions on how to make Rosin, and share your extraction stories on social media or in the comments section below.

Sera Jane Ghaly
Jan 11, 2016