These New Secret-Pocket Underwear Will Keep Your Stash Safe

Roze Volca is creating panties with pockets that hold your stash, and other things, secretly and safely. Shut up and take my money.

Apr 5, 2017

There’s now a new way to hide your stash, and it’s just for the ladies. Roze Volca is creating panties with pockets that hold your cannabis secretly and safely. But that’s not the only thing these undies will protect, though it’s the most important. You can also store condoms, chapstick, and all your other essentials. Can you say hell yes?

Roze Volca will keep your stash safe

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Once upon a time, the bra was the best place for women to store their stash, among other things. But now, thanks to Roze Volca, ladies are getting more options when it comes to protecting their buds.

The California-based intimate-apparel company is selling panties with pockets. And no, it’s not that useless pocket that already comes with every panty on the planet.

To make it easier to carry your ganja to festivals, and other weed-friendly events, Roze Volca has zipper pocket undies to help you keep it discreet. According to the intimates company, these revolutionary panties are a festival must-have for more reasons than one,

After years of festival going, there was always the complication of getting something as simple as a birth control pill, or as they would like to call it “prescription drugs,” into the event without hassle. Lame right?

Or say you are rocking a dress with no pockets and you are like most girls these days that have ditched the purse for a more free and enlightened way of life, where does your ID go?”

Goodbye purse, hello hipster panties

Festivals aren’t the only place where these undies will come in handy, though. In fact, they can hold a handful of other small items, like condoms, and chapstick. And if you’ve seen Sex and the City, then you know how embarrassing it is to run into an old friend and have your goods spill everywhere,

These aren’t just festival lover issues either. Remember when Carry Bradshaw was walking down the streets of New York in the first episode, bumps into Mr. Biggs and her purse falls and explodes with condoms? (don’t lie, you do) That’s the predicament we are here to take care of.

So, there you have it, ladies, you need these in your life. Each pocket measures 5.75 in x 3.25 in, and are made right in the US for women by women.

And if you’re wondering how much they’re going to cost you, a pair costs $38. Sure, that’s more than your average Victoria’s Secret panty, but these one-of-a-kind undies will do more than just look nice on your bottom.

The possibilities may be small, but they are endless as far as what you can put in them goes. With that said, it’s time you grab you a pair. Or, you know, twenty.

Apr 5, 2017